Two Hour day

Haven’t done many of these so far this season; yesterday I did a fairly challenging 2:02 of training.
First up was 58 minutes on the Turbo. It had been over two weeks since I sat on the thing so HR and RPE was pretty high relative to speed. I both hope and think that this is only temporary – I have the most solid pre-season base of my life and expect to be back to speed next week. Now is the time for regular road cycling too. Time to test out my legs in the real world… hopefuly it will transfer into real world speed.

After the children were in bed I thought of bagging my planned run; a phonecall from a friend fixed that. He too was low on motivation and was using me to get out the door. Turns out that the phonecall was beneficial to both. We did a bit of easy running, then 6×400 on 2:00 at the track and then a bit more easy running home. 12,1km in 1:02 @ 141 av. HR. The 400 splits were: 1:21, 1:22, 1:23, 1:22, 1:22, 1:20 – I was feeling great on the track – I’ll try 800s next time I’m at the track.

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