After Monday’s run I laid low and just swam on Tuesday. After a 400m w/u the main loop was also 400m long; the details are not too interesting but the fact that I’m swimming well again and feeling good for the entire hour is good. It’s time to do a solo session in the pool and test how long I can maintain 1:35/100m – the hope would be that it is somewhere in the 4km region… that’s for another day.

Wednesday was a conundrum regarding training. I had no time to cycle, there was no swimming and I didn’t want to run since my knees have been a little dodgy since last week’s 21km run. Given those facts, the choice was obvious and sensible: a bit zero for Wednesday.

Today I had my premier outdoor cycle of the year. Out to the water tower hill in Sollentuna for four difficult ascents. Time from bottom to top for the laps were: 4:20, 4:45(wrong turn), 4:29, 4:23. Next time out I’ll do five laps. I’ll swim tonight if I get the chance. I want to do a 6+ hour week this week if possible; I’m not too sure how I can make that happen.

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