Catch Up

Catching up again; my three days away on a course had quite a knock on effect for my training. I managed a short hill interval session on Thursday and have not trained once until tonight.

Tonight’s run was a mixed bag. 25 minutes of Fartlek followed by 5x400m on 2:00 on the track and a 12 minute jog home. 52 pretty productive minutes. The 400s were all done in 1:25 except for the last one which was done in 1:14. I’d like to be doing 10×400 with splits of 1:20 within the next few weeks… That’s 3:20/km vs 3:32/km – quite a difference.

Since last week was a bit of a wash out, I plan to do a big week this week; I’m not sure how I’ll manage, but that’s the plan anyway.

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