Running Scared

I was in absolute agony after my last run so I took a full day off. Even today my lower legs hurt so I decided not to run. Instead of running I inflicted a different type of street on my body.

I first climbed upon my trainer and did a short but sharp 4×4 mins – with 4 minutes between the sets. The original plan was to do 5×4 minute but I changed my mind. Some may believe that switching from 5 to 4 is a cop out; far from it! I removed a set so that I could go harder and when I compared the data to my last 5×4 set it is exactly that – even though I’m not quite as fit as I was when I last climbed on the trainer.

Later in the evening -or early night- I hit the MTB trails and had the best and most enjoyable ride of my life – even though I took a minor spill. The trail was dry and the speed was high… pure brilliant!

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