Busy day

I started by runnig to work – the shortest possible route. It took only 17 minutes and I’m not sure if it counts.

I skipped lunchtime training -again- so I took a longer route home. 49 minutes in total and I must admit, I didn’t feel relaxed at all. I’m failry convinced that all the cycling stiffens up my running stride. My working assumption is that I just have to adapt to doing the two sports again and I’ll have my groove back.

Evening time came and I had the opportunity to train again; I couldn’t not take the oportunity and climbed abord the trainer and bashed out the following:

10min 5 x [1min mod-hard, 1 min easy]
10min 3 x [2 min big gear@ 64rpm, 1 min spinn @ 100 rpm] + 1 min easy
10min 1 x [spinning at 105-110 rpm w/ >120rpm for the last 10 seconds of each minute]
1 min rest
4 min Tabata interval

I think I should enter Stockholm Triathlon – just the sprint. I could do pretty well I think.


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