Long-ish bike

Got out for a late long bike. It was a little after 18:00 and very windy when I climbed aboard my soon-to-be-upgraded Argon18 and start to turn the pedals. I had been working all day and had a throbbing headache but there was no way I was going to miss this ride; it simpley had to be done!
I pretty much cycled at a steady effort for the 3 hours duration and put a little extra effort for the hills and strong headwind sections. I was trying to apply what was stated in THIS ARTICLE. (As a very brief asside, I don’t usually like AC’s articles -even though I read them all!- I feel that a self coached athlete may get lost in the TSS/CTL/ATL/TSB numbers and not actually ‘listen to their body’…This Article however is the best thing I have read in a long time.)

Even though I REALLY wanted to average 30km/h fior the rode I resisted temptation to look at the average speed. My goal was time and percieved effort; I didnät want to be chasing speed even for a moment.
When I climbed off the bike I finally had a look at the computer: 95,08km @ 30,0km/h average speed. I smiled several times during what was remaining of the evening.


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