Back to the Track…

…which shows me how far off track I am.

I love the track – it’s a great leveler. There’s no hiding from the results that a session on the track can supply; There is little or no effect from the wind, there’s no hills, the surface is uniform – in other words, there’s no excuses. So today’s workout, which was planned as a tester, to see how far I am from where I should be, showed great big holes in my fitness.

I had planned to attempt 10×800/400m jog in  3:15/2:00

When I planned it, I thought I might be able to do 8×800; I wasn’t sure to be honest. I got there and started running and felt pretty good, and for a while I thought I’d finish the set… The third 800 was when it all began to go wrong and at the fifth I called it a day – kind of. I then decided to run 1600 at my marathon HR. This turned out to be 7:30, or 4:29/km. Not too good, but that’s where I am at the moment – there’s no hiding from it!

The good thing is that I think I might have come up with a good tracker workout:

10×800 on 3:00/2:00 followed by 1600 at Marathon HR

The first part of the test is based on pace, the second is based on HR – or how tired you are. I’ll see what kind of results it shows… Hopefully I can convince two or three other people to take the test and correlate our marathon times with the results.

Here’s today’s workout:


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