New Year, new goals

The new year has begun and, training wise, it has been good: So far my training success rate is 66,66% – quite a lot better than last year. We did our 4th annual run/ice-dip on new year’s day: a 46 minute solid run, quick sauna, a dip in the zero degrees Celsius water and promptly back into the sauna… an amazing way to start the year!

Yesterday was a zero – too much going on all together.

Today I got out on the skis for 70 minutes; I think I did 12-14km at a good effort. Technique is getting better on both the uphills and the down. Soon I’ll be able to give it full gas the whole way around the 10km track… I’m going to summarise my dismal year 2010 soon and make a plan for 2011.

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