Double interval day

Never in all the literature I have read have I come accross a plan that includes two interval sets per day; that’s precisely what I did today.

This was not some sick plan I deviset in order to injure myself, it was merely the way my day worked out. I train when I get the oportunity, which is usualy about half as much as I want to, so tonight when I got the chance to run again I simply took it.

The sessions I did were as follows:

14:50, 11,5km rolling loop ran as follows:
10 minute w/u (4:35/km)
11 minutes @ threshold (3:58/km)
1 min walk,
10 minute steady
8 minute @ threshold (4:16/km – very hilly)
1 minute walk
2 minute steady
6 minutes @ threshold (3:55/km)
Strange splits? Well it is geography that decides the intervals: I run hard when I’m on the trails and run easier on the road.

20:40, ?? Km with track intervals:
10 minute run to Duvbo IP
6×800 start on 4:00
Splits: 2:54, 2:55, 2:57, 2:56, 2:58, 2:48

Long hot shower and bed.

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