Back it up

After two short runs I felt surprisingly bad; low BP and general tiredness, even climbing stairs was difficult. With all that in mind I decided to back it up with a good steady run: 11,5km @ 4:30/km. It was -in general-  a nice run though testing in two points. First test came after 25 minutes; despite doing no intervals, my mind was trying to tell me that I deserved a one minute walk after the hill that was fast approaching. I nearly gave into the temptation but instead decided to hold pace and carry on through. Then with 3,5km to go (1,5km of which are very hilly) I saw my average pace dropping and was almost going to let go the idea of having 4:30 average pace. It slipped up to 4:32 and then on the last 2km I ran for all I was worth to get the average back to 4:30… Happy to be finished, happy to have held out during the run and happy to have done what I  planned.

Now I need a little rest. Then some specific speed work and then some more rest. Then it’s time to get a 10k PB.

16 days to go.

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