It’s difficult to get beck into writing this for a couple of reasons. First ond foremost is that I have slipped out of the habbit, second is that I don’t train too much these days!
I did however manage to run on Monday – and was fully intent on doing my usual 10km trail but once I started I decided to do the 15km Xtreme course. I had two goals in mind when I started running it.
1/ Take it easy
2/ Finish in 1:15 or better.
I managed to taki ti pretty easy most of the time; I was however playing catchup with my km splitts at times just to ensure that I made my 1:15 cut-off.
Crossed the start/finish line an 1:14:53
Total run was ~17km in 1:24. Not too bad considering my lack of distance training for the past 18 months.

I am flirting with the idea of doing the same run again tonight.

Well, I didn’t do the XTreme. Instead I ran around the lakes in Sundbyberg. On the way home I stopped off at the track and ran a short set of intervals: 4*1 lap. Funny thing was, the lap took 1:12 and I hasn’t pushing it at all. A bit of research on the web and I discover the track is 366m per lap in lane 1… never heard tell of that size track before.

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