Posting Frequency ~ Motivation

Posts have been sparse lately – a direct reflection of my motivation.

My training all year has been specifically aimed towards Lidingö MTB; the race that ended after just over 8 minutes. I thought that I had gotten over it and gotten on with life but my training, racing and blogging has been lackluster since then.

I did a couple of attempts at NICK trail and have to say that I was surprised at how quick I did it… both times were within seconds of my best ever time on the trail. That best ever time was an outlier when I made it. Now it seems that my fitness and skill is pretty much there or there abouts all the time now.

My last lap of NICK involved a slight fall. I landed on a rock garden and scratched my arm but my finger, both ankles and left knee took a bit of a knock. Ankles and knee are ok now but I still don’t have full use of my finger (left hand,middle finger).

What should I do to get my mojo back?

1/ Do a XCM MTB race… simple. There’s one in Falun on May 28th. I should do that.

2/ Make a road bike racing goal. An attainable one. One that I can improve on next year.

3/ Start training hard again.

Simple really!

I’m also crash-training for Borås swimrun.

29km run, 5km swimming. Four and a half weeks to prepare… tight.
Goals? Don’t get injured. Finish the race. That’s it.