Lidingö MTB

Lidingö MTB 2016 – this was to be a race where I would show how much I have improved since last year. It’s unlike a road bike race in that you can’t draft. Very honest and shows all the cracks in fitness.

My last recon went well – 20 minutes faster than the equivalent recon last year.

Got to the start. Feeling good. Great weather. Fast fast start.
Last year there was an extremely fast start but I settled down after a couple of minutes. Not so this year. I was redlining it for far too long. Burning matches I probably didn’t have. Finally, after about 8 minutes of madness I said to myself “take your own pace up this hill”. I hit the steep hill, changed down on the front ring and my drivetrain disintegrated.


back2I have absolutely no idea what happened and I immediately regretted not bringing tools with me. On brief inspection it looked like it cold be fixed. I though that it may have just ‘come loose’.

When I finally got a tool and attempted to fix it I noticed there was no fixing it. The rear derailleur was twisted completely out of shape, the jockey wheel was broken, the hanger threads were sheared and the hanger itself was bent.  As they said in ‘lock stock and two smoking barrels’ it was “proper fucked”.

Lessons learned? None. This happens.

I managed to get out for a run later in the evening… it’s been on the back burner for quite some time now. So that’s good that I managed to do that.