Tried and Died

I attempted to back up yesterday’s ride with a longer yet similarly fast ride today. The legs were having none of it. Bad feelings in my legs though there’s a chance that it was at least partly mental. I could probably have gone harder and faster… and longer. I didn’t, didn’t and didn’t so that’s the way it is.

I have a plan.
A plan that can only fail.
It can fail so badly that it’s nearly worth trying.
What’s this plan?
Cycle every day between now and Edinburgh.
In addition to the cycling, swim and run twice a week too.
In addition to that. Do three weight sessions.

See what I mean.
It’s so definitely going to fail that I have to do it.

Tune in tomorrow to see if day one is a fail.

I’m not posting today’s ride. It was shite.

Rest then Road Bike

I was extremely tired last Monday. I took it very easy on Monday and Tuesday as a result. The intention was to hit it hard again on Wednesday. Unfortunately the shit hit the fan in work and I missed all training for three days.

Yesterday, with fresh legs, I took the racer out for the first time this year. Just out to Färingsö and home again; a quick two hour blast. I felt pretty good and was giving it a pretty solid effort the entire time.

When I got home and downloaded the effort I was surprised: 32km/h average speed for the day. If I remove the traffic sections from the training curve I get an average speed of 33,5 for that section.

The weather was perfect though. Not so cold. Nearly no wind. I think everyone in Stockholm was fast yesterday. Let’s not chase that average speed for the rest of April now – that will only lead to dissapointment!

Plan is to get out on the bike again today – let’s see if I can manage that.

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 08.43.09