Saturday – Sunday

Two days, two training sessions.

Saturday was the weekly VO2 Max set, the specific variation was:

10 x 2:00 @ 115% FTP on 1:00 RI

It was difficult but I managed to average about 10W more than I did last week. Result #1.


Today I did my weekly outdoor ride on the MTB. Really enjoyed it and am happy with how I felt throughout. I think it’s time to up the intensity because I don’t feel too bad now.

There is a small chance I’ll go to the gym tonight and do a 30 minute run and 30 minutes of strength. Let’s see, the last two training sessions might jump up and bite me on the arse at any moment. Sitting down, typing and drinking coffee is not a goo test of recovery. I have a couple of jobs to do about the house and dinner to make; after that I’ll have a good idea about my recovery.