Back it up

I had barely three hours rest after the sweetspot interval session and I found myself in the pool in Sundbyberg.
I actually intended on going to the gym to do a leg-day but it was closed. I was about to go home and decided to do a short swim. Jumping in I had absolutely no plan – I was going to do a 200m warm-up and then decide what I would do based on how I felt. As it happened I felt pretty well and didn’t stop after 200, or 400 or 2000 for that matter. I finally stopped when I began to feel fatigue such that my technique was effected. That turned out to be after 3150m.

Big day for me: 61 minutes on the bike and 51 minutes swimming.


Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 13.18.03

I read about a sweetspot session being done by one of the better cyclists I know. The exact version he does is 8 x [9:00 / 1:00] in the sweetspot power zone.
My attempt today was 5 x 9:1 in my sweetspot – I thought it would be plenty for my current fitness and committed to doing just that. On the fifth I was still feeling fresh so I thought I’d make it a bit more challenging by going 110% FTP for the last ten seconds of every minute. After that I still needed punishment so did a tabatha-esq set. 8 x 0:20/0:10 at about 135% FTP.

Done and feeling good.