New Year’s Day

Another day, another year.

This year will mark my 45th lap of the calendar. In some ways getting wiser but still doing extremely stupid things that I should have learned years ago. Let’s see what I can learn on this lap.

The year was started well: a nice and easy run with friends in the beautiful Hellasgården nature reserve followed by a sauna and a dip into the nearly freezing water (which was followed up by another sauna!).

There are few things in my experience that make you feel as alive as jumping into extremely cold water. You may be lethargic, un-enthuastic about live, be weighed down with worries or just in a ‘don’t give a shit’ mood. If only for a couple of seconds, all that disappears, to be replaced by terror and then to be replaced by ecstasy.

Doing it on the first day of the year also helps making the following statement easy: “That was the best swim of the year!”.