129 Days – Where am I?

Lidingö MTB is in 129 days from today.

I’m a lot fitter than I was this time last year but not where I hoped to be. In addition to the extra fitness I have I have also eventually gotten into a regular weight training session.

Yesterday I hit the gym and after an easy enough 10km on the concept2 rower I did my now usual set. The squats and deadlifts that were causing considerable pain only two weeks ago were easy today. No (left) knee strain on the squats and no hamstring pain. I’m really enjoying the gym actually, I’ve been putting it off for five years. What remains to be seen if there is actually any benefit to be had from having the extra strength… I’ve read the arguments and counter arguments and have decided that the only way I’ll know is if I try.

With 129 days remaining I’m going to have to get a framework built now.
That’s 18 weeks.
With a 2 week race prep + 1 week taper at the end that leaves 15 weeks of base and build

So April 16th is when race specific prep (peek) needs to be started.
Taking a 6 week build before that makes build period start on March 5th.
Which leaves 9 weeks of base.

Jan 1st – March 4th: Base
March 5th – April 16th: Build (add race intensity intervals at the end of a long ride).
April 16th – May 1st: Peek. Very hard shit.
May 7th – Race

Goal: Top 50 (From 88th last year)