Roll and Run

I took a rest day on Sunday before getting back into the training this week.
Monday was tight and I just about managed to get in a 40 minute session on the rollers.
I made up a new set;

    Don’t hit the floor

200w floor
Jump as high and often as you like
Don’t hit the floor after each set though!
I’m not fit enough to do any significant effort yet but in principal it has the makings of a good set.


Tuesday was a double run. Not supposed to be a difficult day at all but it ended up being quite challenging. Looking at my training diary I now notice that I hadn’t run outside in two weeks – this could be the reason why yesterday seemed so difficult (and was so slow). I need to get off the treadmill and run outside once a week from now on. I’m quite sure this is a lesson I’ve learned before.

Today I’ll most likely row and swim.