Run, Swim, Read

I did a short run and a short swim. Both short because of the row and strength training I did the day before. Swim wasn’t that slow but as is the case when specific fitness is lost, the fatigue set in pretty fast afterwards. I’m now feeling the effects pretty hard.

Last year was my worse reading year ever – I doubt I even read ten books.
To address this, I’m going to set a goal: 52-52 That is to say, read 52 books in 52 weeks. I’ve started already so expect to finish before new years eve 2016.

Book #1 is: “A Brief History of Seven Killings” by Marlon James. Start with a classic.

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 15.43.45

The plan is to mix fiction and non-fiction but the emphasis being on fiction.
One book a week. Shouldn’t be too difficult.

129 Days – Where am I?

Lidingö MTB is in 129 days from today.

I’m a lot fitter than I was this time last year but not where I hoped to be. In addition to the extra fitness I have I have also eventually gotten into a regular weight training session.

Yesterday I hit the gym and after an easy enough 10km on the concept2 rower I did my now usual set. The squats and deadlifts that were causing considerable pain only two weeks ago were easy today. No (left) knee strain on the squats and no hamstring pain. I’m really enjoying the gym actually, I’ve been putting it off for five years. What remains to be seen if there is actually any benefit to be had from having the extra strength… I’ve read the arguments and counter arguments and have decided that the only way I’ll know is if I try.

With 129 days remaining I’m going to have to get a framework built now.
That’s 18 weeks.
With a 2 week race prep + 1 week taper at the end that leaves 15 weeks of base and build

So April 16th is when race specific prep (peek) needs to be started.
Taking a 6 week build before that makes build period start on March 5th.
Which leaves 9 weeks of base.

Jan 1st – March 4th: Base
March 5th – April 16th: Build (add race intensity intervals at the end of a long ride).
April 16th – May 1st: Peek. Very hard shit.
May 7th – Race

Goal: Top 50 (From 88th last year)

VO2 Max

My power numbers are so low that it seems just plain wrong to use the word “Max”, nevertheless the power meter keeps me honest and the set was most definitely difficult. So much so that I wanted to quit after six intervals.

The set was
5:00 w/u
10 x 2:00 @ 274W on 1:00 RI
5:00 w/d

Intervals averaged 272W which is just over 113% of FTP – that pots me smack in the middle of my VO2 Max zone (254-288W).


Glad I did it.
Average power for each 2:00 Interval: 272, 272, 272, 272, 273, 268, 270, 270, 271, 277
I doubt I could have been more consistent with an ergo trainer.

Run & Lift

Did a pre-breakfast session today.
Started out with a simple 30 minute run.
First 22 minutes @ 13,6km/h
Then 2 x [ 1 min @ 4,5 slope, 2 min @ 1 degree ]
Finally 2 minutes @ 15,6km/h

I then went to the weights room and tried to do a structured weight session… the experimenting phase is over and it’s now time to get a proper set done regularly.
The set will be as follows:

3 x 7 bicep curls
3 x 7 triceps dips
3 x 8 shoulder press
3 x 8 seated bench press
3 x 8 incline chest press
3 x 10 free weight squatt
3 x 10 deadlift
3 x 10 seated cable row
3 x 10 lat pulldown
3 x 10 leg extesion
3 x 10 machie abb crunch



First Real Session

Today was the first indoor set done with honest numbers.
Input to the set was my FTP test from Monday and I could really feel the difference.

Holding 95% of FTP feels easy for a while, then it feels like a slow death… I don’t think it’s a pace that you I could regulate myself; PM is necessary.
I was extremely pushed for time so I only managed 32 minutes. I made them count:


2 x 10:00 @ 95% FTP on 1:00 RI + 10 x 0:30/0:30 @ 150% FTP/50% FTP


Went swimming with the club last night.

Felt pretty strong during the entire set. I’m getting a little tired of the new format however. Since the club hired a new trainer we are forced to do Swim Smooth sets. I’d estimate that up to 70% of the set is not normal swimming.
I’m wondering if there is any evidence that Swim Smooth actually works; nobody in the club seems to want to question it at all.

Back It Up

I backed up the FTP test with the usual 30 minute baseline run followed by a quick strength session (quick because the gym closed).

The run test wend OK and showed some signs of fitness.
Last time I did it I had a HR of 161 at the end. Today I had 154.

The strength training was a little more structured than last effort:
3 x 5 Squats @ 40kg (Free Weights)
3 x 5 Cleans @ 35km (Free Weights)
7,9,11 Quad Extensions (Machine wit decreasing weight throughout)
10,12,14 Seated Row (Machine same weight throughout)

Structure is growing into the set… not long now until I know what I’m doing.

FTP #1

Today I did an FTP test by accident. I had a very small window of time and I decided to jump on the rollers.
I did a warm-up that included some hard efforts. After warm-up I settled into a mod-hard set of indeterminate duration. After five minutes I thought it felt sufficiently hard to be an FTP test. I decided then that it would in fact be so. The start was a little too easy so I ramped the power up a little towards the end of the set. It wasn’t a flat curve but I’m pretty sure it’s representative of my current untrained FTP. 238,4W is what I god after doing the maths.


Not good, not bad.

Row & Spin

Keeping the rowing going for now. Yesterday was a costly 10km easy set. I somehow forgot my HRM strap at the gym; returned there today to see if anyone had found it and was told they hadn’t. Not good! The row itself was ok. The Easy 10km rows are finally starting to feel easy. With that, I added a few surges and finished the set strong; holding 210w for the last 1km. Still felt fresh afterwards. My hope is that the rowing will compliment my cycling and running while not causing the stress that running causes. My lack of running last year has made my feet more susceptible to injury – until I get about 500 careful kilometers into my legs that won’t change. Until then it’s easy on the running and hard on the rowing.

Today I did something that I haven’t done since 2006: I went to a spinning class. I knew I wouldn’t have time to get on the trainer tonight so bit the bullet and did the class. It was a good short sharp set. 41 minutes of hard work. I also was reminded of why I gave up spinning… that smell. No room smells worse.

I’ll try to swim and or run tomorrow.


Roll and Run

I took a rest day on Sunday before getting back into the training this week.
Monday was tight and I just about managed to get in a 40 minute session on the rollers.
I made up a new set;

    Don’t hit the floor

200w floor
Jump as high and often as you like
Don’t hit the floor after each set though!
I’m not fit enough to do any significant effort yet but in principal it has the makings of a good set.


Tuesday was a double run. Not supposed to be a difficult day at all but it ended up being quite challenging. Looking at my training diary I now notice that I hadn’t run outside in two weeks – this could be the reason why yesterday seemed so difficult (and was so slow). I need to get off the treadmill and run outside once a week from now on. I’m quite sure this is a lesson I’ve learned before.

Today I’ll most likely row and swim.