Moving Again…


I’ve taken a softly, softly approach to get back into it. The day after mo runs on the 17th I had considerable leg pain (DOMS) so opted for a swim the next day. 22×100 on 1:45 in ACTIC – it felt very easy. Next day I decided to re-acquaint myself with the Concept2 and climbed on for an easy 30 minutes. Next day was my baseline treadmill run: 30 minutes @ 13,3km/h. record the HR at the finish (161bpm – not good!). Saturday was a complete rest and Sunday was an easy 10km on the Concept2.

I think I’ll alternate Concept2 and running until I get more fit and durable – I’ve had some right foot pain this year when I tried to run too much too soon. Concept2 is a good compliment for running (and cycling). As for cycling, It’s now time to start the indoor season. Minus six this morning.