While still in considerable pain I decided to go for a swim on Saturday.
I went to the local pool with no plan other than: swim for an undetermined amount of time.
I jumped in and swam. Intending to do a warm-up before deciding what to do. That warm-up never ended.
I finally finished off with 3,100m in 49 minutes. A nice easy swim.
Topped it off with 10 minuted in the Sauna.
Job done.


This shows my lack of form and fitness. Pace dips, SWOLF increases considerably throughout the set.
The fix is simple: swim more.


I’m back at it big time now… unfortunately.
For about three years I’ve been promising myself that I would start doing weights in the off-season and for three years I’ve not done that.
Yesterday, after a fairly tough two days I did the following:
45 minutes mod-hard on the MTB. Cleat came off so I took the shortest route home and did a punishing 17 minutes on the trainer to take me past the hour.
Went back to work and decided to go to the gym on the way home.
Started out with 10 minutes running @ 4:30/km – easy stuff.
Then I went into the weights room and over did it. My DOMS usually takes 40 hours to peak; I’m sitting here typing after only 17 hours and almost every muscle aches.
I did:
Bicep culs (machine)
Tricep extensions (machine)
Shoulder press (machine)
Inclined shoulder press (machine)
Squats (free weights)
Cleans (free weights)
Seated Cable Row (machine)
Lat Pull-Downs (machine)

I’ll recover and one the pain subsides I’ll make it a regular thing.
Of course I need to design a set – yesterday was just breaking the ice (and the body).


I’ve been sick with a cold for the past week… even though I was sick I continued to train until Sunday when I did a 10km easy concept2 session. Despite feeling pretty good during the session Monday Morning told me that it wasn’t a good idea. I couldn’t speak for about five minutes after waking up – my throat was totally bunged up. With that I decided to take a couple of days off and last night hit the treadmill again.
My old test set of 30 min @ 30 minutes seemed too boring so I made up a new one:
8min @ 13,5km/h
2min @ 16km/h
8min @ 13,5km/h
2min @ 16km/h
10min @ 13,5km/h
Note HR at start of 16km/h set, directly after and two minutes after. And finally HR after 30 minutes.

8min @ 13,5km/h – HR 154
2min @ 16km/h – HR 168, 159
8min @ 13,5km/h – HR 162
2min @ 16km/h – HR 176, 167
10min @ 13,5km/h – HR 169

This shows how I recover from a hard interval and how stacking interval effects me.
A lot is tonight’s conclusion; which is not surprising at all.

Moving Again…


I’ve taken a softly, softly approach to get back into it. The day after mo runs on the 17th I had considerable leg pain (DOMS) so opted for a swim the next day. 22×100 on 1:45 in ACTIC – it felt very easy. Next day I decided to re-acquaint myself with the Concept2 and climbed on for an easy 30 minutes. Next day was my baseline treadmill run: 30 minutes @ 13,3km/h. record the HR at the finish (161bpm – not good!). Saturday was a complete rest and Sunday was an easy 10km on the Concept2.

I think I’ll alternate Concept2 and running until I get more fit and durable – I’ve had some right foot pain this year when I tried to run too much too soon. Concept2 is a good compliment for running (and cycling). As for cycling, It’s now time to start the indoor season. Minus six this morning.

Tired – Ready to Go!


I’ve started training – I’ve started with a bang and am now in a little bit of a hole. Too much too soon, but recognizing it is a positive step and all I have to do is back off for a little while and then continue at a steadier pace.
The chart above shows that I’m ahead of where I was this time last year. The goal is to build STEADILY for the next 12 weeks which will take me to the beginning of February.
Then an eight week build from Feb 1st – March 28th
Then 5 weeks Peak from March 29th to May 2nd
Then a 1 week Taper

Time To Back Off

I’ve finally got rolling again – I’m training nearly every day now and training twice a day at least once a week.
The result is twofold: I’m addicted to training again but I’m tired. Blood pressure is low and I very nearly fainted getting out of bed today.
I’ll take the good – that I’m back training and try to mitigate the bad by taking an extra rest day this week. Keep going but remember what I’m training for.
It’s a long time until May…

What now?

Swam last night – starting to get it back slowly but surely. Last night’s swim felt good throughout; I didn’t drop pace in the end like I have don in the previous two swims. I’ll be back to good form in now time.

I have a potential goal in the works: try to go sub-40 in a difficult 10km race in 10 days. Coming off a season of pretty much no running and taking my current form into account it would seem to be an impossible task. I’ll see how much running I can get done in the next few days. If I’m able to do good volume and remain injury (or niggle) free then I’ll give it a go.

MTB ride tomorrow.

Trainer tonight perhaps?

Things are going good.

Big Week and Running

Finished a relatively big week totaling nearly 8 hours… not big in absolute terms but when my weekly average for the wear sitting at four and a half hours it gives one an idea of what I mean.

What led to the big increase is a combination of a number of factors:
Very mild Autumn, so there is good opportunities to train on the bike still.
I’ve returned to swimming with the club.
Lastly, my running is eventually getting some regular attention.

I’m enjoying getting outside and training – I’ll keep doing so until the weather forces me indoors. Hopefully I will be in pretty good shape by then.

Goals for next year are set on a high level:
Run regularly.
300w Peek 5 min power… this will allow me to attack in a B-Class race.

I’ll get more detailed as the season approaches.
Hopefully I’ll get a swim tonight.