Anyone Got Some Motivation?

I’m off track. Or perhaps I’m not because I have no plan, no goals and so no track to follow. Training has been pretty much non-existent for the past four weeks and my CTL has dropped to an all time low.
Yesterday I once again skipped my planned workout. That’s the new norm. However last night I said “enough is enough” and went out on the MTB… in the dark… on the pretty technical NICK trail.

I had my Lumicycle light on the bars, that gave 1600 lumens.
I also had a head lamp on my helmet, the Silva Runner giving a further 550 lumens.

I could probably have managed with either one but I loved the spread provided by the combination.

Was it great training? Perhaps not.
Am I back on track? No.
Where do I go from here? Not sure.

First, I should start running and swimming again.
Secondly, remember last night. Training can be done after dark.

Not there yet but at lest it seems I want to be back on track.

Goal planing will start soon.