Swimming is getting away from me…

The now traditional yearly dip in swimming form has started. Usually it is because the club changes to Summer times and because of family/work commitments I am unable to make it to regular training; the result is a mishmash of sessions at irregular intervals and a dip in the form I have worked towards all year. This year the slow-down has started earlier. Weddings, stag parties, increased cycling time and miscellaneous other excuses are now the cause. I should plan a strategy now, since I think I will focus on two things this yer:
Get good at cycling – by doing cycling races.
Do some drafting-legal spring distance triathlons.

The cycling races compliment the triathlons very well… there is one caveat though; the ability to cycle in a group is only relevant in triathlon if I have the ability ho hold the lead group in the swim… which brings us back to the title of this post.
Must. Swim. More.
Must. Make. Time.
Mist. Swim. More.