Doing well

I’ve been doing well lately – got two ‘big weeks’ in a row. Over eight and seven hours respectively… not big for most, but nearly double my yearly average.

Tonight I’m doing something stupid; I’m climbing aboard my racer for the first time in two years… as if that wasn’t stupid enough, I’m going to put the bike and myself on the start line of a crit. 40 minutes + 1 lap of an approximately 1km circuit.

Goal #1 – don’t crash.
if ok,
Goal #2 – last one lap with the bunch
if ok,
Goal #3 – last five laps with the bunch
if ok,
Goal #4 – last 20 minutes with the bunch
I don’t feel the need to type any more goals – I’m already deep into fantasy land!


I thought I should do an update on my goals for the bike race…

Goal #1 – yep!
Goal #2 – did it!
Goal #3 – kind of… there was a split in the bunch. There ended up being two groups of about 25 riders each about 20 seconds apart. I was in the second one.
Goal #4 – yes.

I was 22 minutes in, my Garmin showed we were averaging 40,5km/h so far and coming out of the most dangerous corner on the course I hit a stone punctured. Pretty dramatic puncture – all air was out of the tire in 2-3 seconds.

I’ll never know if I could have stayed with the group… I’ll never now.
All I know is that I was feeling well at the time of the puncture.

I backed up the race with two hours on the MTB the following morning and a 35 minute run that night.

I’m aiming to keep the training at over seven hours per week for the next few weeks… so far so good.