‘Big’ Week

Just ended a big week of training… not big in real terms but relative to what I have being doing lately it was big.
Nine training sessions of varying lengths totaling over eight hours. Examining my training logs for the past 12 months shows this as my longest week.
Another record, yesterday’s 64km MTB ride – the longest I have ever done on the MTB.

That was all the good…

… the not so good is that yesterday’s ride was a test ride for Lidingö MTB race. That test showed that I am not ready for that race. Ready to ride around the course but absolutely not ready to race the course. With under three weeks remaining I’d say that fitness is not going to improve dramatically and the best I can hope for is to be able to push the pace a few times during the race and not blow-up at the end.

I’ll truck on this week and see what sort of form develops. Not much more to do at this late stage.