Bike – Splash

Tough double day today.
Training started at about 16:30 with a steady 1:35 on the MTB. HR was low but RPE was relatively high… This tells me that I’m due a good rest very soon. Unfortunately swimming later that night in now way met those requirements. 20 minutes of warm-up followed by a 1500m TT.
I have not swam much this year and I have not done a 1500m TT since 2011 – I had no idea how to pace it nor is my fitness deep enough for such an effort.
That didn’t stop me trying. The first 100m was my first mistake: 1:23. From there is was a slow death until I hit the wall after 22:58 (1:31,8/100m).

My goal for the next six weeks is to get this time down to 22:00 – with that I know I can do 20:00 in a wetsuit – a time that will get me out of the water in the front pack of most races I attend.

Today is about recovery… and food.
…and coffee.