That last run workout took a lot out of me. It didn’t feel too difficult at the time but I was wiped out after it and had leg pain for two days. A concert and quite a few beers on Tuesday probably didn’t help too much either. I ended up taking two days off and have just completed a pretty easy run: 12.0km, 150 av. HR, 4:44/km

I will try my best to get on the bike tonight… I really want to pile on the training load before I leave for Ireland. The wedding and surrounding activities are going to make training very difficult.

The other hope I have is that I get up Howth Head on Friday… let’s see how that works out.

Rest, Bike, Run

After the double day on Thursday I was pretty tired.I ended up taking two days off before returning to training.
Sunday was a long and pretty leisurely bike ride on the cyclocross bike. It was cold and very windy so the pace is nothing to talk about just now. Monday I went to the gym and did a pretty tough yet short run:
Change pace every km:
13.3km/h, 13,5km/h, 13,7km/h, 14km/h, 14,5km/h,
13,3km/h, 15,5km/h, 13,3km/h, 15,5km/h, 13,3km/h
500m build from 16-17km/h

Bike – Splash

Tough double day today.
Training started at about 16:30 with a steady 1:35 on the MTB. HR was low but RPE was relatively high… This tells me that I’m due a good rest very soon. Unfortunately swimming later that night in now way met those requirements. 20 minutes of warm-up followed by a 1500m TT.
I have not swam much this year and I have not done a 1500m TT since 2011 – I had no idea how to pace it nor is my fitness deep enough for such an effort.
That didn’t stop me trying. The first 100m was my first mistake: 1:23. From there is was a slow death until I hit the wall after 22:58 (1:31,8/100m).

My goal for the next six weeks is to get this time down to 22:00 – with that I know I can do 20:00 in a wetsuit – a time that will get me out of the water in the front pack of most races I attend.

Today is about recovery… and food.
…and coffee.

Double – Zero – Double

Tuesday was a double day – run then swim.
I felt flat on Wednesday so I took a day off.
Today will be another double – Bike then swim.

The plan is that I do two easy hours on the bike… shower, eat and get the kids ready for bed. Then out the door to swimming.
The intensity of the swim set is out of my control since it is designed by the coach.
Friday will be off or an easy run. I’d very much like to do a long bike session the weekend too.

Swimming is coming along

I returned to swimming 11 weeks ago after a 6 month lay-off – last night I felt good for the entire hour and at all different paces.
Main set was 2 x [400m-300m-200m-100m] Steady on 15 seconds rest.
I manged to hold 1:30-1:32/100m for all sets with no reduction in speed or increase in effort at the end.

I think it’s now time to add something new to the swimming training… One easy long set and bring back the big kick sets.

Running also is on need of some attention – I was just holding form for the year to date but now I can see it’s slipping. Yesterday’s run was far too slow for the effort it took.

I’ll plan a two week “Run Every Day” session in early April to address this.


Today I’ll do a double.
Lunchtime run of undetermined time, effort and distance.
A swim with the club tonight.

Biking is ‘getting there’ so It’s now time to start to pick up the running and keep at it with cycling. An early spring has me outside on the bike already – six to eight weeks earlier than some years.

Goal is to keep moving and keep increasing the load.
Let’s see how I feel running today after yesterday’s cycle.


Did a solid run – despite being WAY overdressed.
I had to leave work to drop the car home and decided to run back to work- I tool a 12km route instead of the shortest 3.6km option.
The sun was out and it may have been as much as 12 C. despite this I was dressed as I would be for -5 -> 0 C.
I got hot… very hot.

The run was 12.1km @ 4:43/km – easy enough and very enjoyable.

Cycling License

The biggest news is that I have bought a cycling license… my first time since 1988!
I expect to get my ass well and truly kicked at every race but I don’t care – I’ll just get out there and do it.

Training in general is going well and I’ve even got outside on the bike twice already, that doesn’t usually happen until May.

My short, medium and long term goals:
Keep training.
Build every week.

Race the bike as much as possible.
PB in Lidingöloppet.
Do three triathlons.

Decide what I want to be.

Good week

This week has been pretty good so far… though I need to back it off a little now.
Probably a little too much high intensity work: a mod-hard turbo session, two mod-hard runs (one with 8 very hard minutes at the end) and one swim that got pretty difficult towards the end.
For the weekend I’ll just focus on moving and building the base.

Plan is: Two hour Cycle outside, a run and a turbo session.

Come together

It’s starting to come together. Little by little.
This weekend I managed to get outside on the bike – not for long and not too hard but I was out. I need to do this every week from now on in order to have a chance of finishing Lidingö MTB strongly. I ran on Saturday and found my running to be slow. That’s ok for now; I realise that I can fix that in no tome at all.
For the coming week I want to get two swims, bikes and runs plus one extra session.