Time Off

It’s been a tough few weeks. My training finally came together – I was getting consistent quality and quantity in regularly and then I had a three day bachelor party… that was good fun lost a week training and then it took another week to get back rolling again. This week has been good and if I keep going like this then I have nothing to worry about.
65 days remaining to the first race of the season – that’s not far away at all. I’m probably going to have to downgrade my expectations somewhat.

The Overtime Effect

I have been stick working some fairly silly hours lately. This has put a halt to my training. Last night however tired I was, I decided that I needed to de-stress and do some training. I climbed onto the trainer at just after 21:00 and planned an moderate hour training.
It was not successful – pretty much every time got my power over 210 Watts I experienced fairly significant leg pain.

Fresh legs? Yes.
Mentally drained? Yes.
Feel tired afterwards? Yes.
Feel mentally fresher afterwards? Yes.

So, I suppose it was not all bad.