Moving Again

I think I’ve finally found a rhythm to my training – I’ve got my running going again; my swimming and my biking are now in the early stages of development. I’ve done three of each over the past two weeks. I will now start to swim with the club and do two bike sessions per week from now on. That should push my training volume up to 6 hours per week. I’ll hold that volume until TSB and ACL start to converge. Hopefully when that happens It’ll be brighter out and I’ll be able to find more time to train.

My FTP is at an all time low – My goal is to get it up to 260w by May; that would have me at 4,2W/kg – which should give me a good performance in Lidingö MTB.
Swimming, while only just beginning, is not far off track at all. I can hold 1:36-1:38/100m for the long sets… should be back to normal in no time at all.

Summary of focus areas.

Build cycling strength (Going to try weights, turbo, rowing to build speed)
Increase run volume (I know speed will come)
Swim regularly (I know speed will come from this)