2015 Planning

Next year’s plan is already unfolding although using the word plan is somewhat deceptive since there has been no planning involved. Some races have grabbed my interest and I have signed up for them without any thought. With that in mind, it seems that the races and dates suit one-another pretty well and I will most likely fit in some more races too.

May 2nd: Lidingö MTB (65km MTB Race)
June 27th: Vansbro Triathlon (Half IM)
September 26th: Lidingöloppet (30km Cross-Country Run)

The race in May will keep me from spending too much time focusing (playing?) on the technical aspect of MTB in NICK trail – it will force me to do real training on the bike… this will help me build up to the Half Ironman. There is a long time from the Half IM to the final race of the season; I have a few ideas about what I want to do between but I’ll hold back on that decision for a while. Last year I got injured too many times – this year I have to stop doing that. The first action to take is not to do any technical MTB riding from now until next spring.