2.5 Lazy Weeks

A-Race finished nearly three weeks ago and I did my first run since then just last night. A very easy 5km run followed by 10 minute superset in the outdoor gym. A very nice entry back to training.

During the run I was thinking of what could lie ahead next year. The answer didn’t come but a decision did: Keep the HR down for the winter.

A common occurrence over the past few years is that I am to strong in April -an April fool I suppose- and my fitness deteriorates from there. In an attempt to correct this, I’m going with a softer approach this winter. Keep the HR down for 90% of all my training sessions – regardless of the sport. Only in April will I start to increase the intensity. The hope is that this will get me fitter than I have ever been in my entire life… or something along those lines at least.


Shit! Just checked my training diary; I haven’t swam in 14 weeks. That is going to take a while to get back on track.