Still Waiting…

Waiting for some running form to appear. I’ve been relatively patient, careful and determined but there is still no sign of that sub 2:15 Lidingöloppet form appearing.  With 26 days remaining and one of those days being Stockholm Half Marathon, I feel I have a small chance of doing what I want to do.  My current think is that if I don’t get very comfortably under 1:30 then there is no chance of a sub 2:15 on the island of Lidingö. Following that, the decision then becomes: do I want to go through all that pain on race day for ‘the usual’ result? I’m not too sure to be honest.

It’s looking like the following will be the bones of my training:
2014-09-01: Ursvik Extreme
2014-09-03: Long Run (24km)
2014-09-05: Ursvik Extreme
2014-09-07: Long Run (26km)
2014-09-09: Ursvik Extreme (Fast)
2014-09-10: Long Run (28km)
2014-09-11: 30 min
2014-09-12: 30 min
2014-09-13: Race – Half Marathon
2014-09-15: Ursvik 10km
2014-09-16: Ursvik Extreme
2014-09-17: Long Run (28km)
2014-09-19: Ursvik Extreme (Fast)
2014-09-20: 30 min
2014-09-21: Ursvik 10km (Fast)
2014-09-22: Ursvik Extreme
2014-09-23: Long Run (25km)
2014-09-27: Race