I managed to get out for a run during lunchtime and did a relatively easy 21km. Pace was constant throughout and I only started to feel fatigued during the last 2km. I’m reasonably sure that this was due to lack of energy or fluid, so maybe I’ll take a drink with me for my next run. What I can’t decide is when that next run will be.

Plan A: Do an easy 30 minute run tomorrow and stack another long run on Thursday.
Plan B: Do an easy 30 minute run tomorrow and then a short and fast session on Thursday.

To decide on the plan I should decide on what limiter I want to address: sustained speed or distance. Also I have to balance this decision with the increased likelihood of injury with stacking long runs.

If, and I do mean IF, I could get 20km runs done Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday, and survive them, I could then spend the week focusing on faster sessions.
I’ll think this over and make a decision tomorrow morning.

I’m 31 days out from my A-Race and am not on track with my fitness… fast-tracking training is a risk.