Injured No More…

…I think.

I have done my third run in five days and today I felt great. Absolutely no sensation in the left foot at all and my running is approaching an acceptable level.
This morning’s run was a hot 11km at a pretty much constant 4:35/km and it showed me that I have fitness in the bag from earlier this year.

Trainingpeaks has many metrics that show me progress:
NGP for one – it calculates a normalized pace, the pace that you would have ran on a flat course.
IF,EF & TSS are also great.
However, when I am just developing base fitness, the best marker are the Peak Distance Metrics during a steady run.
See beolow, the metrics from this morning”s run:
Peak3The run had no surges – just running. See the difference between peek 10km and peek 5km: 8 seconds/km. That’s a good fitness marker.
Now if we compare it with my last run before I finally admitted I was injured:
Peek1Three seconds per kilometer between peek 5km and peek 10km.

Until I get ‘fit’, that’s the metric I’ll be tracking. When this normalizes over 5km and 10km, I’ll then start to add interval work.


I’ve just come back from my first open water swim of 2014. Just a short one (about 1800m) but I threw in some hard efforts – the last 300m was at Olympic Tri pace. My foot is in pretty good shape still, despite 33km of running in the last 5 days. I can still feel a pressure point when I massage with a tennis ball but after about 1-2 minutes of massage there is no pain at all. I wonder what the problem was/is?

If things continue as they are I could manage to get a good week training done. Preliminary plan is:

Run tomorrow.
Swim + MTB Saturday
Long Run Sunday

Of course, that could and probably will change.