Swim Test

Got in the pool yesterday and thought I’d find out where I am with my swimming fitness.

I had planned to swim for an hour and see what my average 100m pace was. I only lasted 50 minutes and 3200m before calling it a day; pace was down to a crawl and I saw no point in continuing. So I have my baseline now: 1:40/100m. This time last year it was 1:38/100 for a 4000m swim. So I’m behind but I believe I can catch up. Swim, swim and swim should do it.

Today I did my second run on the poor foot. No pain at all and I had a pretty good run. I’m going to see a physio today about the foot but hope to continue to run from now on. The plan is to run 10km every second day for a week and then transition into another Run Every Day phase. There are a few hurdles to overcome before I do that but that’s the plan.

The aquathlon is still possible but the result won’t be that good at all.  Main goal now is Silver Medal at Lidingöloppet and a damn fast Dublin Marathon.

Next year I’ll get back on the bike.