Novelty is Gone

The novelty is now gone in project RED. Yesterday I felt sluggish while running to work so I bagged the run home. Today my legs feel tired just walking. My plan was to run 11km today but I think I’ll shorten the plan to 9km with an option to shorten it further to the minimum allowed 25 minutes. I’m on my way now…


 … Now it’s Back!

I had truly expected to revert to the 25 minute plan today but after taking my first step I felt terrific. It’s quite hard to explain – it felt as though the bones in my upper leg were strong. Like there was an immense stability based around the hips and upper legs that I have never felt before. Slight inclines didn’t seem to slow me down at all and the tougher uphills didn’t slow me too much.

It was an easy run but the pace was great: 4:26/km

I’m excited to continue the Run Every Day project.