Where ‘we At?

Week 6[31/3->6/4]:Long Run(19km), Shorter Faster Run, Long Run (20km)
Week 5[7/4->13/4]:Long Run(20km), Long Run (22km) [Not planned but done: Fartlek 11,8km, Mod-Hard 11,3km, Mod-Hard 11,3km]
Week 4[14/4->20/4]:Track, Long Run (20km), Threshold Run [Not planned but done: 11km Fartlek – MTB Crash]
Week 3[21/4->13/27]:Track, Long Run (24km), Threshold Run [11.24 Mod-Hard Run, 3,8km E, ]
Week 2[28/4->4/5]:Track, Long Run (21km), Threshold Run
Week 1[5/5->10]:Track, Easy Run, Race

All in all, not good at all.
Decision to be made: Race or no Race?

Good points: Swimming is gong pretty well.