MTB #2 – Crash!

I just couldn’t leave it alone… I had to do one more lap on the way home from work. I was absolutely shelled after the afternoon ride but thought that I should take every opportunity to practice.

I managed to get up the hill where I broke my ribs last November… 50 meters later, brimming with confidence, I attempted the ‘rick garden’ section and fell badly: Landed hard on my right quad, and not-so hard on my right ribs (that I broke in November) and the bike landed on the inside of my right knee.  The right calf is dead, knee has a lump the size of a golf ball and the ribs are tender. This MTB stuff is not compatible with my other goals. Fun though when it doesn’t hurt.

MTB #1 of 2014

To say I rode like a girl is an insult to little girls.



Then only thing I can say is that it wasn’t my worst ever.
It was however extremely wet… can I use that as an excuse?

I did one and a half laps and am absolutely shelled as I sit here and write this. I’m almost certain that I’ll be taking the easy way home.

I need to get a good run done tomorrow – I may have compromised that today.