40 Days…

My first Half Marathon since 2005 is 40 days away. Back then I ran a PB of 1:26:00 and, despite the fact that I have not managed to get very much training in so far, I wish to better that in 40 days time.

My base is ok. That’s where I have to start.
I have to build up distance and speed – did I actually type that?!
I’ll add some cruise intervals to my long runs if I feel I’m able to absorb the training, but basically, it’ll look something like this:

Week 6[31/3->6/4]:Long Run(17km), Shorter Faster Run, Long Run (20km)
Week 5[7/4->13/4]:Long Run(20km), Long Run (22km)
Week 4[14/4->20/4]:Track, Long Run (20km), Threshold Run
Week 3[21/4->13/27]:Track, Long Run (24km), Threshold Run
Week 2[28/4->4/5]:Track, Long Run (21km), Threshold Run
Week 1[5/5->10]:Track, Easy Run, Race


I was on the bike on Saturday and did “The Lap”.
75km in almost exactly 2:30 – was pretty pleased with that considering that I have done pretty much nothing on the bike this year. Enjoyable ride.

The Foot

Injury summary:
Injury happened at 10:45 on Saturday 2014-03-22.
Finished run without pain.
Pain increased with time for 20 hours. (2/10->6/10)
10:45 on Sunday 2014-03-23 compression, ice and painkillers. Pain 5/10. Walking is difficult. Can move toe painfully: significantly more pain with dorsiflexion.
12:00 Monday 2014-03-24 no pain with movement. Walking hurts. No Constant pain.

Slight swelling remains.
Can walk slowly with very slight limp.
Not ready for Concept 2.
May try to swim tonight.

Still sore.
Didn’t swim last night.
I’ll try the Concept2 today…

Ursvik Xtrem – Setback

I was still tired from Tuesday and Thursday’s double training days but decided that I should get out and do an easy long run. The Ursvik Xrerm can’t ever be called easy but I ran it very conservatively and hoped it would not require too much recovery afterwards.

I felt pretty bad for the first few kilometres but started to feel better and better as I progressed. By kilometre 8 I was feeling pretty good and this feeling remained until the end – with the exception of a mishap at kilometre 13. I was approaching a section where I fell last week and I said to myself -out loud- that “this is where you fell last week, take it easy here”. No sooner had I said it when I tripped again on probably the same rock as I did last week and hurt my right big toe pretty badly. There was immediate pain but it subsided an I could finish the run pain free.

Every passing hour since then has caused an increase in pain. I’m assuming that it is a sprain and the advice from the world wide web states that a toe sprain can cause five to ten days off running.

I’ve iced the toe, taken painkillers and added a compression bandage. I’m still in pain but I’ll get through the day. If the usual sprain takes five days before one can run again I’m going to assume that I can start on the concept2 in two to there days – this will reduce the negative effect that the injury has on my running and swimming.

Injury summary:
Injury happened at 10:45 on Saturday 2014-03-22.
Finished run without pain.
Pain increased with time for 20 hours. (2/10->6/10)
10:45 on Sunday 2014-03-23 compression, ice and painkillers. Pain 5/10. Walking is difficult. Can move toe painfully: significantly more pain with dorsiflexion.



I in some way repeated Tuesday’s training formula… with a little difference. I nearly collapsed after the run. I can only assume that I haven’t recovered from Tuesday’s double day and that hit me hard.

It was a treadmill run –  haven’t been on the treadmill in a while – but I doubt this was the cause of the discomfort. The run was a planned 42min test @ 14km/h @ 1 degree elevation; a run that would normally require some hard efforts to alleviate the boredom. Yesterday however I never got going. After 5 minutes I was feeling bad and waiting for the legs to warm up – 10 minutes into the run I felt dreadful so decided to stretch the legs with a minute @ 17km/h (3:31/km) and a minute at 12km/h to recover to be back at 14km/h with 30 minutes remaining. Legs successfully stretched and now I’m thinking of quitting the workout. I somehow managed to struggle through and finish with the last 2.5 minutes @ 16km/h (3:45/km). All metrics were WAY off what they should be for that workout. RPE, HR, sensation in legs – all at almost race level. I actually examined the treadmill to see if it was on a slope or had something wrong with it. Found nothing. Some would say that it was now time to rest. Well that didn’t happen. I was swimming with the club four hours later and cruising pretty well: Hitting the (LCM) 200s  in 3:03 and the 100s all in under 1:30. Did a hard last 200 and came in at 2:59.

Today I had planned to row 10km. I scrapped that, will rest today and try to put a good run in tomorrow and a bike session on Sunday.



It’s been a good few days – I trained every day from Saturday to Tuesday; The latter being a double day. Yesterday was also a double difficult set day. A 17km run (150 av. HR @ 4:39/km) and a bloody difficult swim set in the evening – main set was 40 x 50m starting on 0:50.

I sit here tired. Ready for a rest and ready to build on these last few good days.

Shut Up Legs

The day after the Ursvik Xtrem I got a chance to train and did a pretty difficult 10km Concept2 set:

1000m @ 1:59/500m
500m @ 2:08/500m
1000m @ 1:59/500m
500m @ 2:08/500m
1000m @ 1:59/500m
2000m @ 2:08/500m
1000m @ 1:59/500m
500m @ 2:08/500m
1000m @ 1:59/500m
500m @ 2:08/500m
1000m as Alt. 100m @ 1:45/500m / 100m @ 2:15/500m

Monday I got a chance to do a quick trainer set and tried something different…

5 minutes steady followed by 5 x 30 seconds standing @ 350w, 30 seconds 100w.

Did that for 40 minutes.

I’ll try to run today and swim tonight.




The swim on Thursday was bloody difficult. I was forced to lead the lane and as a result felt hunted for the first of the two main sets – 10x100m on 1:45 start. I managed to hit them all in 1:30 or under but was pretty shelled after and the 5x200m that followed was pure survival.

That scuppered my plan for Friday morning training; I just didn’t see the point because I was still tired. The knock-on effect was a zero day on Friday because I didn’t have the time to train later on.

To remedy things I went out and ran the Ursvik Xtrem today in extremely muddy conditions – I’m guessing that by the time I got home my shoes weighed double what the did at the start of the run. It was slow, steady and not very impressive. Not to worry – it’s a benchmark for the year and that’s a good thing. I’d like to run this once a week all year – it can only help. Also, it’s similar to Ö-till-Ö terrain.

Not sure what I’ll get done for the rest of the weekend. Let’s see how it plays out.


Yesterday I did a moderately difficult 10km rowing session followed by 10 minutes in the pool. I had planned on running today but have now decided to skip it and swim tonight, that way I’ll be able to get a good run done tomorrow.


Managed to get a good bit of training in this week.

Did a ‘tough’ swim on Friday – 6 x 32m kick sets. Interesting thing is that my legs burned for the first few sets and pain decreased as I progressed. In addition to that, the pace also increased every set.

Friday night I went out and did a 10km run – I really felt the kick sets in my legs during the run. Pace was pretty slow and perceived exertion was quite high. Don though!

Sunday I went out on the bike. Hadn’t done any form of cycling for a long time so I took it pretty conservatively. I didn’t look at speed during the ride, I just had lap time and total time configured on the display. Because I hadn’t cycled in so long I didn’t know how far I would be able to go – it was a game of chicken all the way through the out section.  I ended up deciding to turn around at svartsjö, having considered turning right and continuing to Färentuna. Literally minutes after heading home I started to feel dizzy. Then I started to feel weak and -though I had no speed on the display- I was slowing down considerably. I hobbled towards the garage and bought a star bar, the most wonderful eating experience I ever had, and was turning the pedals comfortably less than ten minutes later.

When I am fit I can easily do two and a half hours cycling on water alone. Yesterday the hunger hit after just 1:15. Lesson learned… again!

Today I feel a little tired but I might still go for a swim.