February Sickness…

I should nearly plan for this eventuality in the future: Sick in February. At least this year it’s not so bad. I’d say I’ll be four days without training.

I ran on Saturday – a lovely run around Brunsviken and felt strange – when I got home I downloaded my data and saw that pace was down, HR was up; That was the virus incubating inside me.

I could probably train today but I will not. Chest is sore and I don’t particularly want to complicate my life by training with a chest infection.

Low Mojo

I had the morning to train. Alarm went off and I felt no desire to get up. Snooze #1. Nine minutes of deep sleep later I hit snooze #2. Somehow, just two minutes later I was up and getting dressed – making excuses about how I could skip my gym session.

Driving to work I had almost convinced myself that I would do a little bit of work first, then -after my breakfast has digested- I would go out and run. At the last moment, I took the turn into the gym parking lot and decided I’d row 10km.

My head was not in it – I wanted to climb off after only 1km. I somehow managed to keep going for the full 10km; the slowest 10km of the year. With that said, I’m taking it as a victory: a victory for will power. I’ll remember this set when I feel like skipping a workout next. A shit one is infinitely better than no workout.

Let’s see if I am able to make it to swimming tonight.


Did it. I was extremely tired after putting the girls to bed and considered skipping the swimming. In a last minute burst of energy I jumped in the car and drove across town to swim. Upon diving into the water I immediately felt good and had a great swim. The swimming is pretty intense at the club these days – I’m not sure if that’s good but I’ll roll with if and see where it leads. I’ll have to start focusing on longer easier sets pretty soon. I want to be in the ‘swim shape of my life’ this July when it matters. Getting there in April won’t do!

Getting There…

Swim last night had some hard efforts:

600, 300 & 100 – 9:08,4:48,1:21

Backed it up with a visit to the gym just nine hours later:

30 min interval run: 10 min @ 4:30/km + 10 x [1:00 @ 3:36/km, 0:30 @ 5:36/km,0:30 @ 5:00/km]

30 min swim: 5:00 E, 20:00 Paddles, 5 min E

Double day tomorrow: Run – Swim

MAF Speed

The softly, softly approach to training this year is paying off. I ran an easy 17km on Saturday and came home with an average of 4:41/km @ 144 av. HR.

I’m happy with that considering the problems I have had in the off-season.

I’ll just keep it steady and smooth for the next few weeks -having very short bouts of intensity- and then will up the effort in mid March.

Swim and Run economy is the focus for the moment. Speed will grow from that.

Row ->Sleep -> Run

Oh what plans I had for this morning. I had planned to do a monster training set before work. Run an easy 42 minute 10km on the treadmill, then 10 minute of strength work on the Concept2 (Some kind of interval with very high resistance) and follow that with a 30 minute swim.

To prepare for this I did a 10km row last night – took it very easy and didn’t feel any after effects last night. Unfortunately the after effects were there. My usual easy 42 minute was not good. Uncomfortable would be a mild way of putting it – agony would be a little dramatic. It just wasn’t happening. I slogged it out for 32 minutes and then decided to do intervals for the last 10 minutes; 1 min @ 13km/h, 1 min @ 16km/h. Last minute @ 17km/h. I figured that a) I was feeling shite anyway, so I might as well put the hammer down and b)I would not be doing any more training after the run so I should get some quality done.

Now, 90 minutes later I do not regret scrapping the plan. It was not the correct plan. Tomorrow is another day.

Keep on Truckin’

I felt the run in my body last night – BP was probably quite low and legs were a little stiff today. Despite that I think I’ll keep the load on today. The plan is to do an EASY 10km row at lunch and then swim with the club. Assess tomorrow if I can continue or else schedule a one day rest.


Only Swam tonight. So that leaves me quite fresh for tomorrow. Perhaps fresh enough for a 10km Concept2 set followed by 5km on the treadmill.


I didn’t need it but I got a full weekend of recovery. That’s a nice way of stating that I was unable to train because of family commitments. I’m unusually not bothered because I had a good weekend. To make up for my non-athletic weekend I went for a run this lunchtime. There was no plan in my mind but just run. I started to run towards Edsviken intending to turn around when I got down to the water. I felt great so kept running in the opposite direction of my employer. To call it long is a bit excessive but I managed my longest run of the year at a fairly descent pace with no problems at all. 17km @ 4:39/km @ av. HR of 144 . That’s not too shabby.