Many times over the past few years – since I have become a father – I have taken extended breaks from swimming. Returning to swimming from such breaks is never easy. First one must recover the fitness lost. Then the feel for the water.

This time I have done quite a lot of work on the concept2 while I was on my sabbatical from swimming. As a result, the return to swimming was exceptionally easy. In only 10,000m I feel that I am swimming properly and last night put together a difficult set without any significant fade in pace.

Rowing helps.
But I believe it.

In addition to last night’s swim I did a quick 35 minute Turbo set. High/low power.


Monday was a 40 min swim and Tuesday was a 40 minute turbo set. Triathlon logic would have me run today but I would like to do 10km on the Concept2. Time pressure may decree that I do neither but let’s see how it goes. I think I am in good enough shape to start swimming with SCT again. Tomorrow is the target for that.



Long Run

I didn’t make the sixth day in a row – work and home life prevented it. This is probably a good thing because today I am fresh enough to do a long run. I’ll run the Ursvik extreme course with the intention of completing the full 15km. I will allow myself to take a short cut home if I feel I am pushing myself too much… It’s only January. My first race is still over a hundred days away!


The run didn’t go exactly as planned because I didn’t get out early enough. When I finally got running I didn’t feel I had the time for the extreme so I started with the 2,5km and then began the 10km. All in all I ran 15km total at 4:59/km. The run was easy – I’m in better shape than I thought.


Five in a Row

Fifth consecutive day training.
I had planned a swim but my goggles broke after three lengths so had to abandon it (can’t swim with contact lenses without goggles).

I went home and did a fairly easy 42 minute trainer set: a copy of the 42 min running set I did yesterday.

Feeling good.
Not tired at all.
The plan was to do something every day this week – next week I’ll target longer sessions, the following week I’ll rest a little.

Inside again

I had planned a longer outdoor run today but didn’t manage my time properly.  As a result I ended up going to the gym and doing a pretty difficult run on the treadmill. I had intended to just run  at 14,2km/h for the entire 42  minutes that I planned for the session but I got bored and ended up adding a little intensity for the last 12 minutes.

30 minutes @ 14,2km/h
4 x [1:30 @ 14km/h, 1:30 @ 16km/h]

That was pretty difficult.
Tomorrow I plan to get a swim in somehow – but time’s fell hand may prevent that from happening.


Holding Back

That’s the theme for this week: hold back the effort, increase the hours.

Yesterday I kept the theme alive with a relatively easy 10km on the Concept2
Av. HR: 147
MHR: 157
2,5km Splits: 10:25 / 10:22/ 10:22 / 10:22

Tomorrow – run.

A little bit of intensity

I did a small bit of relatively high intensity work during the weekend.

Friday I did a treadmill run where I varied the pace between 14,4km/h and 16km/h for 30 minutes:

4:30 @ 14,4km/h
0:30 @ 16km/h
1:30 @ 14,4km/h
0:30 @ 16km/h
2:00 @ 14,4km/h
1:00 @ 16km/h
4:30 @ 14,4km/h
1:30 @ 16km/h
3:00 @ 14,4km/h
1:30 @ 16km/h
3:00 @ 14,4km/h
2:00 @ 16km/h
2:00 @ 14,4km/h
3:00 @ 16km/h

Then I backed it up with a 30 min swim.

Sunday was a test run followed by a 20 minute swim.
The test was a simple 42 min run:
First 40 minutes @ 14,2km/h, take a lap every 10 minutes. Plot the Av. HR and 10 minute HR and drift.
Last two minutes; run like you stole something.

I then only had time for a 20 minute swim. Great result in the swim – It was 4 seconds/100m faster than my previous swims this year. My first step-up in swimming performance this year.

If I can find the time I will do an EASY 10km row today.

Keeping it Rolling

Momentum is a great thing. I’ve started to gather it once again and will soon be on track with my training. I did an enjoyable 13km run in the snow yesterday. I haven’t been enjoying running since my comeback and I rarely enjoy running in the snow ever –  double victory for me.

Now is the time that injuries can strike: when fitness begins to build along with feelings of invincibility. The guard is up!

Tonight I will either rest or row 10km.

Rolling Again

Back at it after the longest break in ten years.

I’m humbled in every way but seeing great improvements every time I train.

Rowing, Running and Swimming are the main focus just now.

Rowing is being used to build fitness while avoiding impact.

I’m not going to structure anything until I get a little fitter.