Easy does it…

I ran two days ago. Just 6,8km at a very easy pace and effort.
There was a little pain on the downhills at the end and the ribs were a little tender afterwards but the next day and today, I feel pretty good.

The temptation is to start to hit-it now but conservatism is most likely the best way forward.

Maybe I’ll do a trainer ride tonight -though there is a high chance I won’t be able to do this because of an argument that will most likely take place at home.

Either way, I’m back. Probably start rowing in a week and continue running and cycling until then.


A Few More Days

Today it no longer hurts to drive a car. I can also climb in and out of the car without moaning or groaning. A sneeze yesterday did cause extreme pain but I think I can give light training a go on Thursday; or perhaps I should just wait until Monday – what difference will it make in the long run?

Going crazy!

For the record – when I look back many years from now: It’s the 9th and 10th Right Posterior Ribs.

Pain intensified from Day one to Day three.
Day five and six there was significant reduction in pain.
Tried light training after six days.
Pain returned day seven.



Impatient Patient

I am going stir crazy from my inability to train.
I attempted to train yesterday -six days out from the accident. The results were mixed. From a training perspective it went well. Power numbers were ok, all felt pretty good during the brief 40 minutes trainer ride and I even considered running evening.

My rib pain has significantly worsened today – I woke up in pain a few times during the night. Yesterday I was 100% convinced that my ribs weren’t fractured; I’m not so sure today.