Bike / Run

I did a 50 min trainer session yesterday. The usual 40 min AeT followed by:
3X[1:00 @ AeT Power+30w/1:00 AeT Power] FOLLOWED BY 4:40 at AeT power. The idea was to observe the HR after the harder sets. It came down to 148 – not too bad.
I then skipped the planned swim session… laziness!


To make up for my laziness last night I have planned a double today.
I started out with an 11km run. 7,5 of which were on the Ursvik eXtreme. The result was pedestrian at best but I’m not overly concerned with speed for the moment. I’m trying to absorb as much volume as possible at AeT HR.

Not sure of the night’s plan.. to follow.



1/4 Progression

I felt pretty lethargic today. I postponed my planned session twice before finally driving down to the gym to do my planned 10km AeT row.
The only thing is that I didn’t do the set I planned.

The first 500m took an eternity – then I started to come good… Very good. The stroke felt fluid and I was getting faster and faster. Then I hit the first 2,5km split: 10:09. I carried on rowing at what I believed to be a similar effort and the next two splits showed this not to be true: 10:04, 10:01. Then I decided to go for it; I upped the pace for the next km and then hammered the last 1,5km. The 2,5km splits were: 10:10, 10:04, 10:01, 9:50.

I’ll take it relatively easy for the next three rows and then repeat the 1/4 progression row. It’s something to be used sparingly from now on.


Where technology meets common sense…
Here is the situation:
Yesterday, my daughter had a very high fever.
Today I feel strange – not quite sick but absolutely not well.

The technology available to me states I’m fit:
Morning HR: 48
Morning HRV: 92 – Highest ever!

If I was over trained, I would expect HRV to be very low.
If I was sick, I would expect RHR to be higher.

Today I’m going to go with common sense – something is not right.
I got my second ‘flu of my life last year. I should have noted the onset – as far as I remember it was quick; very quick. Therefor I am hoping that this is not my third bout of ‘flu… time will tell.


…not a reference to a bible quote; that’s my training volume this week.

It’s the most I’ve done since my end of season break and I feel pretty good.
Running form is coming back a little quicker than I expected and the MTB fun is pretty much over for the year which means that the trainer is calling. My HOPE is that the rowing combined with the MTB ‘training’ will have kept my cycling form somewhat in check. I’ll get on the trainer this week and benchmark my fitness to check the validity of that assumption.

My week was topped off with a 10km Concept2 session on Saturday followed by an early morning run on Sunday.

Today I feel tired but may run later nonetheless.

I will also be reading up on lactate testing.
Is it dead?
Is it worth investing in a LactatePro 2?
Is a Power Meter enough?

Rest and Rock it!

I rested on Wednesday after Tuesday’s efforts and hit it pretty hard yesterday.

I did 50 minutes on the MTB – not a lot I know, but conditions are getting a little sketchy on the trail.

I did 10km on the Concept2 in 40:45 – this was pretty easy.

I then did a very short but very difficult swim set.

7×100 – decrease time by 2 seconds every 100
6×50 – decrease time by 2 seconds every 100
4×50 – decrease time by 4 seconds every 100
5×100 – decrease time by 2 seconds every 100

Hurt. Like. Hell.

I have been resting for the day and may decide to run tonight if I feel ok.
HRV was down by 11 today which suggests that training should be easy.
I will most likely row 10km tomorrow also.

Mostly Running…

…but today I’ll do a triple.

I started out with an easy run: 8,9km in the back part of Ursvik 10km trail.
I’ll then most likely -conditions permitting- do the NICK trail on the MTB on the way home.
I’ll back it all up with a swim with the club.


Done, done and done.
MTB ride was cut short because it got dark but the small ride I got in was enjoyable. Perhaps I’ll get out for a ride lunchtime tomorrow. Let’s see.

Bike – Swim – Run

Yesterday I did my MAF/AeT test on the trainer. It turns out that the MTB riding has helped a little. Perceived effort was down, power was up and fade was reduced.

I backed that up with my first swim in 6 weeks. All things considered, the swim went well. I had a pinching pain in my right shoulder after a while – if hurt mainly during the recovery phase. When I entered my hand ‘flatter’ it improved a little.

Speed was down but not significantly so. I expected a lot worse.

I completed my 24 hour triathlon with an 8.6km trail run.

Nice two days training. Now let’s see how I recover.

‘Getting There…

The MTB skills are coming. Slowly, but coming nonetheless. On Friday I did a lunchtime and a post-work lap of NICK. During lunch, I just cycled – made no attempt to get a PB. However, I got a 4 minute PB! What’s that all about?
My previous PB was made in perfect conditions. This not-attempt was made in wet, slippery conditions.
To compound the mystery factor, I then decided to make an actual attempt at a PB after work. I went very hard and came up ten seconds SLOWER than my lunchtime non.attempt.

Was I tired?
Was I too tense?
I don’t know!

I do know that I left a couple of minutes out there though. I think Sub-36 minutes is within my grasp.

Last night I did an easy run. The 5km followed by the 2,5km Ursvik loop. I can say it was easy but I can also say it was slow. Last week’s 4:35/km showed that I have good leg speed – as long as there are no hills.
Last night’s run showed me that my leg speed is no match for even the smallest hills: 4:53/km!

Nothing to worry about for now. Just keep running.