Running Again

I had a goal of running 40 minutes tonight; nothing more.

Distance: 8.76 km
Time: 40:09
Avg Pace: 4:35 min/km
Elevation Gain: 75 m
Av. HR: 150
Av. Cadence: 90

I think that box has been ticked.
I felt pretty good throughout. Stride felt nice and relaxed and all I need to do is keep this effort going until I stop seeing any improvement. A good start.

End of Season Break Ended

That’s it now. Nearly four weeks of nearly no training.
I got back at it on Friday with a very short treadmill run followed by a reasonable restrained effort on the Concept2.
5000m in 20:29 – the goal was to keep my heart rate low, with the long term goal in mind: Rowing more than 15km in 60 minutes.

On Saturday I did an easy late run. Just 30 minutes. I don’t want to get injured so I am taking things very easy for now.

Sunday I got out on the MTB for two laps of NICK Spår. I only planned on doing one but when I finished it I didn’t feel like going home. I decided to keep cycling until I felt the need to go home. That turned out to be after completing the second lap. It was not a fast affair at all – the wet conditions slowed me down to a crawl at times. Still, good fun though.
To complete y return to training I planned to run to and from work today.
Part one went well. JUst 4km to work, took it easy but it felt great. So great that I decided to take a longer route home – via Edsviken. All went well until about 20 minutes into the run where I notices that I had phased out a bit. I realised that I was dizzy and felt faint. I kept running for another 10 minutes before I had to stop. I limited the stop to 1 minute, ran for 5 more, walked a minute and then managed to ‘run’ the rest of the way home.
I guess training 4 days in a row is not the ideal method to get back into things. If I recover properly no though it could function as a good springboard to fitness.

See how I feel tomorrow and make a new plan from there.

AeT Test #1

I decided to benchmark my fitness before I start training for next year.
The set was 40 minutes at 145-149bpm taking a split every 10 minutes. Discard the first split and note the fade in power during the next three splits.

I applied a 60 second smoothing to the curve to make the fade more visible,

Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 22.04.54

And the numbers are as follows:

Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 22.06.17

Time Posted

I finally managed to post a time for Nick Spår.
42:30 according to Strava. I could take a lot of time off that with a little more knowledge of the course and a little more effort. Most of the technical sections are now OK; my main failing was in measuring my effort. I could have easily done another lap directly after I finished.

The unfortunate reality however is shown below:


The track is now very, very wet and unlikely to dry out until next year.
MTB season is over.

Time to swim, Row, Run and hit the trainer.


It’s all about mountain-biking at the moment.
Today will be my fourth consecutive day and I’m still loving it. I’m going set a time tonight for Nick Spår – hoping for around 40 minutes but that’s unlikely with my current fitness.
I’ll post how it went later in the evening.



Fun on the bike.
No fitness goals; just out there picking lines trying to put the puzzle together.


I’m not 100% recovered from my cold but could wait no more. I had to get out there.
I have a goal of 38 minutes for the Nick Spår. I’ll spend a few more days finding my lines before I make an attempt.
It’s great to have no long term goal.

Break Time

I have decided to end my season early this year. No chasing running 10km PBs or Autumn marathons.
I’m done.

Over the next few days and weeks I will ride my new bike:


While having fun, I’ll start to plan for next year: the year of the bike!
I want to get fast on the thing – that’s the goal.
I’ll formulate and answer some questions during the coming weeks.
What works?

What limits my futureperformance?

What threatens my current performance?

What opportunities do I miss?

Do I use my opportunities to address my weaknesses?

I may -at the suggestion of a Slowtwitcher- post a “Critique my position”.