Moving Along

Now that I’ve accepted that tomorrow will be a DNS, It’s time to make a plan.
I can run 20km pretty easily now.
My goal is to keep a 20-25km run as a weekly session.
On top of that swimming needs to take a front seat.
And finally, it’s time to bring the bike focus back.
Weekly volume should be:
Running: 2,5 hours
Swimming: 3 hours
Biking: 2-3 hours

That’s under 9 weekly hours on average. Should be manageable.
The next mistake I’m likely to make is to dive back into training too soon.
Keep this in mind.
Let’s not end the season before it begins.

It’s Over…

Initially, when my cold symptoms first appeared, I stated that I would not race if I was not symptom free 48 hours before the race. As time and symptoms sluggishly progressed I have been revising that statement until this morning. I’m now 27 hours from the start time and feel no better… no worse than yesterday, but no better.
Sore throat – still there.
Blocked ears – still there.
Blocked nose – yep!
Slight headache – affirmative
Slight cough – check…
The marathon is now over.

48 Hours out…

…and the status of my cold is: Not Worse.
This an improvement over the past three days where it has been getting progressively worse.
I’m hoping the next phase after “Not Worse” is “Much Better” to be closely followed by better.
I’d say my chances of starting are 50:50 (but there’s only a 20% chance of that).

Still Sick

The symptoms of my cold are still getting worse.
Today my ears are blocked.
Sore throat, runny nose, blocked ears.
All above the neck.
So that means I can run on Saturday if my symptoms are gone.


It’s now 21:00 and I somehow feel the cold has past it’s peak.
Tomorrow is another day and will tell more.
I’m drinking a concoction of fresh lime, ginger, honey and camomile tea and am about to jump into the sauna.
If I run on Saturday it will be my first run in 10 days… not good but better than not running at all.

Not Better

The cold is not getting any better – worse actually.
My deadline is Thursday night; I believe that I should be 100% by Thursday night for it to be ‘safe’ for me to run the marathon.
If I’m ok on Thursday then that will mean that I will be on the start line having run 0km in 10 days… not an ideal situation.

Was able to stay positive yesterday.
It’s getting a little difficult today.
Marathon #5 in jeopardy.


Scratched the last quality run today because of a mild bump in the road.
The bump is in the form of a mild cold. Sore throat, mild headache and a little chill in my bones.
Let’s hope it passes quickly… six days to M-Day.


Last long run done and I am feeling pretty beaten up today. I’ve never felt so sore after a long run. The list is:
Occasional stabbing left knee pain.
Pain on the entire length of the dorsal left foot.
Pain where the calf muscle joins the back of the knee.
Why could this be?
I suppose the best way to answer is to ask what was different to other long runs?
Starting at 06:25 is unheard of.
Wearing a camelback probably added 1kg.
The course profile was hilly relative to my usual long run.
Pace was slightly faster then normal.
Could this add up to the problems?


I swam tonight and the knee pain came on for the first few 100s; a stabbing pain when I kick… holding the leg straight stops the pain happening. After warming up the pain completely disappeared which leads me to believe that it’s noting to worry about.
I will run again on Sunday or Monday and then I’ll see if there is trouble in the works.

All in all I feel pretty ready for the Marathon.
I truly believe I’m in 3:05 shape but also hope for a 2:59:xx… not very likely but that’s how I’ll be pacing the first 14km.

One week to go from tomorrow.

The swim, I forgot to mention it:
2000m easy
5x200m w/ paddles
2x400m mod-hard

Pretty easy set all in all.

Last Long Run

Up at 5:20.
Porridge, coffee and some french bread and Nutella.
Out the door at 6:25 to run:
Duration: 02:30:40, HR Avg: 146, HR Max: 157, Calories: 1665 kcal, Distance: 31.73 km, Pace Avg: 04:45 min/km, Training Load: 307
For the first time this year I carried water and glucose tablets (in a camelback). Why did I not do this all year – it made it so easy.

Anyway, that’s the brunt of my Marathon training done.
Rest, recover and race remains.