I took an unplanned rest yesterday. I was exhausted yesterday but was still intent on going to swimming, then I looked at my diary and realised that I had trained 7 times in 6 days… A break was in order.
Sauna, water and then fell asleep in front of the TV at about half past ten.

Today I started out with a swim in the Kista pool. No plan, just swam. It ended up being 3km non-stop set. Tonight I’ll jump on the trainer and do a difficult 60-70 minute set.


The Day After

It’s now 20 hours after my long run and I feel pretty good. Still hungry but no sign of any injury. It’s quite safe to say that I am now able for the long distances and can ramp up the intensity and frequency a little from now on. Tonight I will just Swim with the club and save myself for a double day tomorrow:
15-17km M-Paced run AM and a Turbo set in the late evening.
That will leave me with a Run and a Turbo Session to get in during the weekend.

One of Six

According to the plan made last night, I have six long runs remaining.
Not any more. One down, five to go.

Duration: 02:15:55, HR Avg: 147, HR Max: 160, Calories:1519 kcal, Distance: 27.38 km, Pace Avg: 04:57 min/km,Training Load: 292

After the disastrous long run last week I was not looking forward to ever doing a long run again. Today was good. The Monday tempo run was still weighing on my legs -and mind- but it didn’t seem to effect me. Admittedly I did feel a bit awkward on my feet for the first few kilometres but it soon passed. The next bad patch I went through was at about km number 17… I started to get thirsty. I thought I could push through it and do the remaining 10km dry but with 6 to go I passed a café and the draw was too much.
I wend in, bought a coke, drank half of it and was running better after it.
I always knew this fact, but I suppose I should ensure I drink during the long runs…
Anyway, I’m pleased.

Splish, Splash, Splosh

Back swimming with the club tonight – my first time there in two weeks. That fact combined with the 40 minute non-stop swim yesterday and the 8,4km of race paced running made the set somewhat difficult.
It was:
300m w/u
400 steady
2 x 50 Hard
300 steady
4 x 50 Hard
200 steady
6 x 50 Hard
100 steady
8 x 50 Hard
100 Medley
2,4km. Absolutely done after that.
tomorrow I will try to squeeze in a long run. I’m not exactly sure how I will manage that but that is the goal. It’s been 10 days since my last long run and I think that should be the maximum allowed gap.
38 days remaining and a plan is needed.
Tomorrow is day 38 so:

W – Day 38:[mantra-button-color url=”#” color=”#47AFFF”]Long 28km[/mantra-button-color]
Th- Day 37:
F – Day 36:[mantra-button-light url=”#”]M-Pace 17km[/mantra-button-light] / Bike
Sa- Day 35:
Su- Day 34:Bike
M – Day 33:
Tu- Day 32:[mantra-button-color url=”#” color=”#47AFFF”]Long 30km[/mantra-button-color]
W – Day 31:Bike
Th- Day 30:Bike
F – Day 29:[mantra-button-light url=”#”]M-Pace 17km[/mantra-button-light]
Sa- Day 28:
Su- Day 27:[mantra-button-color url=”#” color=”#47AFFF”]Long 30km[/mantra-button-color]
M – Day 26:Tempo
Tu- Day 25:
W – Day 24:[mantra-button-light url=”#”]M-Pace 17km[/mantra-button-light]
Th- Day 23:
F – Day 22:
Sa- Day 21:[mantra-button-color url=”#” color=”#47AFFF”]Long 32km[/mantra-button-color]
Su- Day 20:
M – Day 19:Tempo
Tu- Day 18:
W – Day 17:[mantra-button-light url=”#”]M-Pace 18km[/mantra-button-light]
Th- Day 16:
F – Day 15:
Sa- Day 14:[mantra-button-color url=”#” color=”#47AFFF”]Long 32km[/mantra-button-color]
Su- Day 13:
M – Day 12:Tempo
Tu- Day 11:
W – Day 10:[mantra-button-color url=”#” color=”#47AFFF”]Long 30km[/mantra-button-color]
Th- Day 9:
F – Day 8:
Sa- Day 7:
Su- Day 6:[mantra-button-light url=”#”]M-Paced 15km[/mantra-button-light]
M – Day 5:
Tu- Day 4:
W – Day 3:Easy 6km
Th- Day 2:
F – Day 1:
Sa- Day 0:

First Interval Set

Last night’s first SCT Monday running session was tough.
The plan was 4/5 x Råstasjön laps and I’m so glad that we decided that 4 laps would be sufficient. For a premier interval session, 8,4km is plenty!
The goal was simple: Hold 10km race pace and don’t drop time as the intervals progress.
I failed somewhat in my set:
Lap 1: 8:23 – I started slow to ensure everyone knew where to go.
Lap 2: 7:54 (3:45/km)- I felt pretty good.
Lap 3: 7:59 (3:47/km)- I was suffering pretty bad during this one and didn’t think I’d have anything left for the last one.
Lap 4: 8:10 (3:53/km)- If I was alone I probably would have quit. Group training helped me here.

So, 16 seconds dropped throughout the set.
Next week I’ll do the same and hopefully improve on both speed and drift.
Goal is to be 7:21/lap (3:30/km) in 1 month.

I had planned a long run today. That won’t happen.
Despite everything I know, I still have difficulty visualizing how difficult an interval session can be when it is only on paper.
Lesson: When writing a set, imagine I’m going to do it three days in a row.

Stack them up…

After a four day break I’m stacking the sessions up.
Friday: Run followed by a 11 minute swim
Saturday: Tough turbo set.
Sunday: Tough turbo set.
Monday: AM: 40 minute non-stop swim PM: (planned) 5×2,1km run intervals.
Tuesday: AM: Long Run, PM: Swim
Wednesday: Turbo set
Thursday: Swim

Not able for back-to-back

Because I didn’t manage to get my long run done today I decided to attempt a second turbo set in two days… not exactly grand tour ridiculousness but it appeared to be outside my ability. In my 28 weeks of training, I have not done it once.
I suppose yesterday’s set was quite difficult and today’s was not exactly a piece of cake:
5:00 @ 220w
8:00 under-over (1:00 @ 228w/1:00 @ 253w)
2:00 Easy
5 x 0:40/0:20 310w+ / 100w
2:00 Easy
8:00 under-over (1:00 @ 228w/1:00 @ 253w)
2:00 Easy
5 x 0:40/0:20 310w+ / 100w
3:00 Easy
10:00 @ 210w @ 60 RPM
2:00 Easy
Then fail… I tried to do another 8:00 under-over but quit after three attempts.
All it was a good set.
Did’t make the hour and didn’t finish the set.
Run tomorrow.

Screen Shot 2013-04-21 at 22.08.41

Mojo is Back…

After last Sunday’s run I prescribed myself a few days of complete rest. There could be no other reason for the disastrous run on Sunday other than fatigue. As rest tends to do, it got extended from two days to four – missing one session makes missing the next easer…

Lacing in the runners yesterday I was still not sure that everything would be ok though the initial few strides felt great. The run was an out and back 10.5km at approximately marathon pace. It turned out to be 4:18km and cause no difficulty at all. Afterwards I jumped into the pool and swam easy for 11 minutes. 1:38/100m.


Today I hit the turbo for a new set. It seemed to be quite difficult on paper but one never knows until the plan is mashed into the pedals. That plan was 10 x [ 10:00 @ FTP(245w), 1:00 Easy ]
In the end I did 9 intervals, I skipped the last one because it had been getting very difficult from interval number 5 onwards and I wanted to save my legs for tomorrow’s long run. Ten or even 12 would have been possible but the run tomorrow takes preference.
It’s a good set that I’ll probably build up to 10 x 6:00/1:00 over the coming weeks.
Run tomorrow.
Run tomorrow.

Screen Shot 2013-04-20 at 22.20.28Screen Shot 2013-04-20 at 22.21.09

Complete Rest

Had a complete day of rest yesterday.
I felt a strong urge to train despite the disastrous long run on Sunday but I resisted this urge in favor of rest. The need for rest can be the only reason for the problems on Sunday.
For this week I will just swim tonight.
Do the 22km TT race on Wednesday or train on the Turbo.
Long run on Thursday.
Swim on Friday.
Bike on Saturday
Tempo run on Sunday.

Back Off

Time to back off. My plan for today was naive.
On the back of my longest training week in years I planned a long run.
I had not biked three times in a week in years: I did it this week.
I had not ran 35km in a week before my long run: I did this week.
I did an FTP test 34 hours before the long run.
Add all this up and it’s not surprising that the run was a cataclysmic failure.

At first, I just felt slow.
Then I realised that I was slow.
Then I couldn’t even up the pace for some strides.
Then I wanted to stop running. I didn’t but I really wanted to.

Here is what I got:
Duration: 02:19:37, HR Avg: 145, HR Max: 157, Calories: 1531 kcal, Distance: 25.91 km, Pace Avg: 05:24 min/km, Training Load: 285

Low pace, High HR (for the pace), High RPE for the distance, HR and the pace.
Running tomorrow is not a good idea.


On a completely different note, I started to fix my new wheels today.
First layer of glue is drying at the moment and I’ll fit the tyres tomorrow night. That will have them ready for Wednesday’s race.