Recovered + Swim

Yesterday’s turbo set was hard. Very intense for 20 minutes and highest HR of the year on a bike. I’d imagine once I get outside I will be able to achieve a higher HR but still – the message I’m trying to get across is that it was tough.
Despite that fact I feel 100% today. I’m able to absorb these sessions no problem now. 3 months ago they were limited to 40 minutes and I was not recovering for a couple of days. So, I need to change things up.
I had stretched them out to 60 to 70 minutes in the hope that it would do the trick but it isn’t. I have to have a think about it and decide on a plan. When performance gains stop it’s time to try something different.

I hit the pool today for the first time in 12 days. I had no plan when I jumped in and it ended up being simple: swim for 4,2km non stop. Pretty easy too. I wanted to get a measure of my all day pace. Thongh I’m not impressed or excited with what that pace is – 1:43/100m – I have a benchmark now and can work towards improving it. For Stockholm Aquathlon I believe this is the most important number to target. If I’m to run a half marathon after swimming 5km I believe the swim shouldn’t be hard: All day pace + a little race day excitement should be the best way to get the best run (and overall time?). This too has to be planned.

Bad Start

Week started pretty badly this week.
I ended my longest training week in 5 years and then the shit hit the fan at work.
29 hours working Monday & Tuesday followed by a short 12 hour day on Wednesday did not leave much time for training. I had the pain cave ready to go at 20:30 last night but I made the critical mistake of ‘just sitting down for a minute’ before I trained. I fell asleep and the cave was empty for another night.

I squeezed in a 20 minute treadmill run today followed by some eccentric strength training (for the right knee).


Now night time and I’ve just done a very late trainer ride. I forced myself out at 21:30 because I knew if I didn’t get out tonight I would have broken by 4 months of twice a week on the trainer run… that can’t happen!
I had no plan going out and I fell into a murderous set:
The main part of it was:
3 x 8:00 @ VO2 Max (256w) on 4:00 RI
It hurt.
Strange thing is that I expected Golden Cheetah to increase my FTP based on the workout. It didn’t.
I’ll have to read how it works… ANyway, that was difficult. Very difficult.

Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 23.06.49

Tough Finish

After a slow start to the week, I ended on a high… a hard high but a high nonetheless.
Having trained hard for three consecutive days, perhaps a long run was not the wisest option. Alas, opportunity prevailed over sense and I headed out for my long plod.
I had decided not to look at my watch at all during the run – most likely because I knew the reality of the situation: my legs were tired. I felt good for the first 20km and believed that my pace was respectable. At about the 22-23km mark my legs began to suffer and I started to fantasize about coke and redbull. I then started to feel SLOW. There was nothing to do but keep running and just make it home – which I did.
Duration: 02:36:35, HR Avg: 143, HR Max: 157, Calories: 1686 kcal, Distance: 29.84 km, Pace Avg: 05:15 min/km, Training Load: 303
Slow, slow, slow.
The positive side is that I get my longest training week for about 5 years: 8:36.
My right knee feels a little sore today. I’ll get back to the gym and strengthen it up a little as soon as I feel like I wasn’t run down by a bus.
Recovery is going to be the day’s theme.

Back It Up

Feeling good today and managed to squeeze in a turbo set despite a busy day.

Screen Shot 2013-03-23 at 21.56.23

Screen Shot 2013-03-23 at 21.55.58

Difficult during the set but I don’t feel tired now. It’s time to start planning the sets better. I had no plan today and thought that I could make one up on the fly. It turned out that all the power:time ratios were a little too low.

Time 1:02, av. Power 205w, av. HR 150, work 768kj, max HR 172


Did my first sufferfest last night. I have had them loaded on my iPad for some time but avoided them because I thought they might be somewhat silly. I was pleasantly surprised. The good points are that it pushes me out of my comfort zone, I actually accelerate when I’m instructed to – despite not wanting to and they are longer sets – something I’ll need to focus on from now on.
My power numbers are staying somewhat static but my sessions are longer – perhaps that’s ok for now. I’ll have to start focusing on increasing my power again after I become accustomed to the longer sessions. Work to be done. Focus needed – especially this time of year.


For the record, I should note that I have a strange pain in my left foot; nowhere in particular but surrounding the both planter and dorsal metatarsal region.
Running doesn’t seem like a wise option but not running -with 10 weeks to Stockholm Marathon- doesn’t seem like a wise option either.
I would LIKE to finish the week with:
1 long run
1 Swim
1 Turbo Session.


Plan modified already. I got and took a chance to run at lunch today. I was a little worried about my foot and only managed to find a pair of ASICS Piranha’s – which I thought could only exacerbate he problem. Nonetheless I decided to attempt 40 minutes and adjust the plan as necessary. There was absolutely no pain or even sensation in my foot while running so I didn’t hold back too much.
4 x [ 4 min @ 14,5km/h , 1 min @ 15km/h ]
10 min @ 14,5km/h
1 min @ 15km/h
1 min @ 15,1km/h
1 min @ 15,2km/h
1 min @ 15,3km/h
1 min @ 15,4km/h
1 min @ 15,6km/h
2 min @ 15,8km/h
1 min @ 16km/h
1 min @ 17km/h

Done! Feet good afterwards and feel good now.
However, 1 training session done and my plan wasn’t touched:
1 long run
1 Swim
1 Turbo Session.
Do I still ‘try’ to commit to it?


Did the tests last night and was surprised – not in a pleasant way because I was so fast. Mostly because that my times got relatively better as distance reduced; the opposite to my usual form.
100m: 1:18 – 1:18/100
200m: 2:54 – 1:27/100 (111,5% time increase/100m)
400m: 5:55 – 1:29/100 (102,1% time increase/100m from 200m, 114% increase /100m on 100m)

Comparing with world records:
100m: 0:46,91 – 0:49,91/100
200m: 1:42,00 – 0:51/100 (108,7% time increase/100m)
400m: 3:40,07 – 0:55/100 (107,8% time increase/100m from 200m, 117% increase /100m on 100m)

There is a relatively good relationship between 100 & 400, but the 200 time doesn’t hold.

Test Time

Yesterday’s run was a success – no pain today and feeling pretty good.
I resisted the temptation to train during lunch today, I think I’ll save myself for the 400m test swim tonight.
My swimming is progressing nicely but I fear that I will be disappointed with tonight’s result regardless of how ‘well’ it goes. I want to be able to go under 5:50 but fully realise that I haven’t gotten enough pool time to do that.

So I know the result is not going to be good.
I know the reason’s for this.
I know my expectations don’t meet the realities.
Yet I know I will be upset.

Tough being me.

No Run…

The plan didn’t work out.

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Swim
Wednesday: Turbo Set
Thursday: Run + Swim
Friday: Turbo Set + Run
Saturday: Swim?
Sunday: Long Run

Total Training Time: 3:39

No running at all this week; that is probably not a very bad thing but it needs to be addressed.
This week will have three runs, two Turbo sessions and at lest two swims.
Over 8 hours is the goal.
Long run planned today: 27km

Let’s see.


Started in sunshine and finished in snow.
Ended up off-road on Ice for about 500m – I think this slowed the average somewhat.
It was very easy up to 20-22km; then it got a progressively difficult.
28,46km , 2:20:36, 147 av. HR, 4:58/km

A good start to the week.

Checking against the marathon plan:
The plan:

The Training:
(10th/Feb)18,(18th/Feb)21,87,(27th/Feb)25,5,(7th/March)15-[M-Pace],(10th/March)27[Lap 2 of Mara Course](18th/March)28.5,(24th/March)30,(31st/March)30,(7th/April)32,(14th/April)30,(21st/April)32

I was thinking during my long run; what else is there to do?
I have never been running these distances so far out from a marathon… this leaves me room to try something new. Not revolutionary new to the field of marathon training or the study of human physiology, new to me. Different to what ‘works’.
I used ‘works’ because maybe there is something better. Maybe it doesn’t work!

So, the thoughts that floated around were two different ideas.
1/ Go LONG. I usually cap the training at 32km – never going longer. Why not do a 35km run? In a marathon I usually start to fall apart at km 28-30. If I ran longer distances in training would this change? Or – is it the pace? which brings me to idea #2.

2/ Run Significantly more at M-Pace. Perhaps take a full week running 10-15km per day at planned M-Pace. Is this just looking for a injury or is it looking for an edge?

Perhaps there is something in 1 & 2, perhaps it’s obvious. Perhaps it’s just a different way of saying TRAIN MORE. Perhaps it’s the madness that is music free running; too much time to think.