Training with Power…

…the benefits of it in one picture:

Screen Shot 2012-12-30 at 21.52.10

7% vs 29% @ VO2 Max.
Without the PM I would have no idea how long I was at VO2 max for.
Today’s set was short and very difficult – I re-tasted my dinner after the fourth one minute interval. It looked a little like this.

Screen Shot 2012-12-30 at 21.57.12

Swim Time

I did an early morning swim today. I had planned to back it up with a Turbo session but time was not on my side in the afternoon and now that it’s evening, I’m too tired. Swim – Ikea – Family time – Ikea Assembly and a late dinner was the order of play today.
Today’s swim was good. 50 m pool:
100 + 200 x 10
I was holding 1:33-1:34 for the 100s and 3:14 for the 200s until about the 1,9km point. It got pretty difficult after that point. Not surprising considering my almost complete lack of swim training since August. Today was a victory – I felt good, had a semi-respectable splits and enjoying the swimming. Onwards and upwards.

VO2 Max

Tried something new today. I was desperately short on time so I made up what I hoped would be a difficult 27 minute curb set:
5 min w/u
10 x [0:30 @ 320w, 0:30 @ 140 W ] + 1:00 @ 340W+
2 min w/d

Hit the spot, but I won’t know until tomorrow how difficult it was… there was never a question of not finessing so, perhaps the intensity was a little too easy. Maybe 330-340W is the target for newt time.

Screen Shot 2012-12-27 at 14.37.34

No Plan

Didn’t have a plan today. Mid afternoon I decided that I should probably do a turbo set again tonight. Leaving work I decided to pop into the gym and do a swim. Once I got in there i didn’t feel like swimming and jumped on the treadmill instead. I did a tough 26 minutes:
4 min w/u
7 x [2:min @ 3:38/km, 1 min @ 4:55/km]
1 min w/d

I then headed straight to the pool but still could find no love for swimming. I did a tabatha type set and climbed out after just under ten minutes.

Not a great day of training.


Back in the pain cave tonight. I backed off the power to 230W on the 3 minute intervals tonight since I was unable to hold the effort at 240W last week. I also changed it up a little:

Screen Shot 2012-12-18 at 22.08.59

5:00 w/u
4 x [1:00 @ 270W / 0:30 @ 100W ]
1:00 easy
3 x [3:00 @ 230W / 1:00 @ 100W ]
10:00 @ 200W
2:00 Easy
2 x [3:00 @ 230W / 1:00 @ 100W ]

Screen Shot 2012-12-18 at 22.05.56

I’m begining to feel good on teh bike; I feel I can put a pretty dificult session together now… Six months to my A-Race.

Pain Cave…

I swam today and backed it up with some time in the pain cave – aka the shed.

My swim was an easy affair of 9×4:00 on 0:15 rest.
Easier than yesterday. I’ll try top do another one tomorrow.

Third session back on the bike and I’m starting to feel like I will soon be able to do a good set.
Tonight was a downward progression in power. I had thought I’d be able to hold 7 x [3:00 @ 240W on 1:00 rest].
After only one interval I knew this was not to be. I made a decision to switch the set to:
5 min w/u
2 x [3:00 @ 240W, 1:00 RI + 3:00 @ 240W, 2:00 RI]
9 min @ 200W
1 min w/d
Looking back at last week’s set I now see that I was only doing 220W for 2:00 – today’s was slightly more challenging. See the downward progression below, followed by the graph.

154,000 or a Fast 51,500?

That is the question that is weithing on my mind today after I failed to get a place in Vansbro Triathlon. The other Half Ironman distance races in Sweden are a little too late in teh year for my liking. This leaves Vättern Long Distance Triathlon or one of many Olympic distance triathlons.
Goals would be a Sub-7 Long distance (4000m/120km/30km) or a sub 2:05 Olympic distance.
I’ll have to assess what I can really do in training in order to decide what is best.

I’ve been to the gym today and done an easy-ish session:
20 minutes running as:
10 min @ 14,2km/h
10 min as 4 x [1:30 @ 16km/h, 1:00 @ 14km/h]

Then into the pool for a 23 minute swim:
3 minutes w/u
30 x 33m, start 0:40

I just might hit the trainer tonight… perhaps.

Softly, softly, catchee monkey

My first week training was and exercise in measured strain and extreme care. Having said that, I felt a little drainer after just three small sessions:
Wednesday: First time on the bike in months – 21 minutes
Thursday: Second time on the bike in months (and in two days) – 33 minutes quite hard
Saturday: First time running in 5 weeks – I felt pretty good until the 25 minutes mark, then it was a pretty difficult 20 minutes home.
Sunday was about recovery.
Today is about starting the week off again – a little bit more challenging than last wek.