Time to get at it…

My end of season rest has been somewhat longer than I planned. Rest, followed by apathy, followed by sickness make for a pretty unproductive month. I’m now inspired, energised and ready to go.
The indoor trainer sessions will start next week.
Twice a week to start – not too hard at first.
Mix in one or two swims and two runs and we’ll reassess after christmas.

Three Weeks

I’ve been pretty much resting for three wee and it’s now time to get back at it… well, after my newly arrived chest cold subsides.

The Power2max is now installed on my bike (pictures to follow), my shed is nearly fully insulated so I’m just about ready to go.
Finish shed.
Get over my cold.
Get back on the bike.


I went to the gym on Monday with non particular plan in mind. I first stepped on the treadmill and decided to run and see what I came up with. After 4 minutes at 14km/h I was warmed up and made my decision. I decided to do an interval set for the remaining 16 minutes of my run and did a tough one:
4 mins w/u @ 14km/h
4 mins @ 15km/h
2 mins @ 16,4km/h
4 mins @ 15km/h
2 mins @ 16,4km/h
4 mins @ 15km/h
2 mins @ 16,4km/h
Short, but not an easy run.

I then decided that it was time I put my Concept2 ghosts behind me and climbed aboard for a 5km row. I decided that the only goal was to finish the 5k – time didn’t matter. The first 1300m were easy and pretty fast; a row in the low 19s was on the cards. One method making a subjective evaluation of the depth of fitness at a given sport is to measure the time it takes you to go from feeling good to feeling like it’s time to give up. On this particular day, that transition took about 100m. At 1300m I was feeling great, at 1400m I wanted to bag it at 1500m… I carried on and watched my watts go down like happy hour beers and climbed off the thing in pain.
Two days later I’m still feelig pretty stiff.

I’ll play about in the gym for a few more weeks and then I’ll start to structure my training again. I’m enjoying having no plan for the moment but missing my long runs.

Static Apnea

I have been playing around with an old and odd interest of mine:Static Apnea.

I went through a set of O2 tables and reached a surprising 4:30 in the end. As far as I can remember my previouis best was only 4:07 so I now have a new goal for the off season. Try to get 50% of the current world record of 11:35.
That makes my goal 5:47,5 but I think I’ll round it up to 6:00.

Off Season

Dublin Marathon is complete so now it’s time for the off-season. I have a few little projects to get done and I already hear the calling of the Concept2 Rower – perhaps this could be the year that I row more than 15km i60 minutes…

My to-do list for the comming weeks is as follows:
1/ Insulate my shed and make a pain cave for the trainer.
2/ For that pain cave, I have bought a power2max Power Meter. I have to buy chainrings, assemble it and fit it to the bike.
3/ Some weeks of knee rehab… then build up the running speed again before the Stockholm Marathon build begins.
4/ Start swimming
5/ Start bike training. Easy first, then FTP intervals.
6/ Perhaps look for a new job.

I tried to run on Sunday -6 days after the marathon- and didn’t feel all that great. I had two problems: discomfort and no motivation; a pretty bad combination of problems to try work with… After returning home I decided to take another 6 days off from runnig and try again. In the meantime I’ll carry on working with my shed project and then I can at least train on the bike when that’s done.

I’ll also start to plan some 2013(and probably 2014) goals.